"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Doll walk


Back in the summer, in the early evening, when the sun dances and dapples on the side of the church....we took a walk down the quiet street with one of my dolls.

She hadn't been out "in the big world" in a long long time, you can tell by the look of wonder on her little face. LOL

My friend Diane over at LAVENDER DREAMS did a post with a doll a couple of months ago.....
and her doll , and the others by this dollmaker, reminded me alot of my doll. (perhaps they are cousins, right Diane?! LOL)

In her fancy long dress, old fashioned curls and big puffy sleeves, she blends in with the era when this old gate was made quite well!

I love this gate!

So I carried her around and made lots of pictures of her. I wish I had thought to do this YEARS AGO, as you see, she is a special doll. My Mother gave me this doll on my 40th birthday, so she is treasured above all the other porcelain dolls. I remember the day the big box arrived in the mail...I was so excited to open it as my Mom sent the BEST "care packages" and fun surprises in the mail.
 My Mom would've enjoyed these pictures so much but maybe she is looking down from Heaven and smiling...
PLUS!--she DID SEE many many pictures of my Tansy all about the city and on many many trips to other states, on many adventures---and my Mom gave me Tansy too.
 I have quite a few of these porcelain  dolls....because there was a wave of that back in the late 80s and early 90s maybe?---porcelain dolls were very popular. Our son bought me one for Christmas one year back in the 90s, so that one is special as well, I will have to take HER out for her own little Photo Session sometime soon. LOL
So at some point in time, I eventually stopped collecting these as I was running out of room. I now see dozens of these dolls at the Goodwill and thrift stores, and I WANT TO bring them home and give them good homes, I really do, but I have no more room. LOL 
I have given away quite a few, saved some for Fairy Granddaughter and given her a couple so far, and the rest live on a super long shelf in my dressing room, where their smiles tell me they are quite happy. 

Buttons, bows, frothy lace, ribbons, and sweet little Mary Jane shoes!

Here she is at the church-house....ready for Sunday's service! A little early....but better than late, LOL!

And nope, I'm not a BIT embarrassed to be walking around carrying a DOLL. ha ha LOL!---believe me, we see much stranger and unusual things around our city that a doll wouldn't cause even a second glance.

By now, she had worked so hard posing for me.....her little petticoat was slipping down, down, down........
....and I was so busy having fun, making pictures, and enjoying our walk......that I didn't EVEN NOTICE. HA HA

We continued on down a lane..........

.......and peeked in some gates.

Made pictures of the pretty pink flowers at the Prioleau House....

and the ornate urns out front.

Beads today were sapphire blue plastic beads and multicolor beads, worn together. I probably bought these back in the late 1990s.

blue marbles, LOL!

.......and here we go, walking down the street, one of us with her petticoat slipping down, down, down, almost falling off. Sure glad it wasn't me! ha ha LOL

Have a lovely Sunday, y'all!