"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, November 17, 2023

Last Swim-Fall is here

We had a great Sunday!

the farmers have got the cotton harvested!

after church, we had grilled cheeses. I LOVE A GOOD GRILLED CHEESE on Sunday!

We planted lots of pansies. They are so sweet

a few Old Maids left.......

I fried up the last of our green "maters" to go with supper.
I was raised on fried squash, fried green maters, pinto beans and cornbread, biscuits and gravy, green onions, good strong coffee, crispy fried pork chops, corn on the cob, wild honey, My Grandmas made fluffy coconut cake and homemade chocolate and butterscotch pies-those were a real treat.
We filled our Christmas Child boxes:
It was so much fun!
jump ropes, sunglasses, jingle jangles, beads and bracelets

Hairbrushes and toothbrushes, little reindeer with light up noses that sing songs

crayons, books, markers, slinkies---it was fun to shop for!

What a blessing to send these greetings to children far far away.

they are due to be turned in this week, so I am glad we finally got them packed.

Do any of y'all do Christmas Child boxes?

Last swim of the Summer

Fall has finally arrived. Yay!

Before the frost last week, Tansy wanted one last swim. LOL

Time for the last swim of summer. Tansy was the only one brave enough to put on a bathing suit! LOL. Tracie and Amybelle have changed into their Fall outfits.

Here's some of our Mums. We had two different colors this year.

And here it is Friday again, and I'm just now posting from Sunday! Our week has been busy with chores and appointments and getting organized for Thanksgiving, deciding the Thanksgiving menu, and shopping the grocery for it.

I hope you've had a great week and that y'all are enjoying this Holiday season, which has begun. So much to look forward to.


  1. Good Morning! So Wonderful to hear from you and see that you are ready for Thanksgiving, and also enjoying the beauties of fall while they last! One last swim looks like fun for the "girls". Looks like Callie the cat was giving it a wide berth! LOL. All that food/fried green maters and stuff you said your Granny cooked sure sounds good! My mother was a "yankee cook", so we never had any of that growing up, and so also I never really learned how to cook that way, but I do love that food! Maybe I will have to come stay with you for a while and learn how to cook it (and hopefully you will feed it to me while I'm there! LOL). Love to see those cotton "balls" all rolled up and ready to go! Will you be having your Fairy granddaughter and daughter over for Thanksgiving? I sure hope so! I bet you will be enjoying setting it up in your lovely country home. I do wish you'd share some pictures! No, we don't do the Christmas child boxes here at our church, but we do purchase gifts/toys/clothes, coats, etc. for our local children and give gifts to every child in the elementary school. Our church is very active in that ministry to our local children because there is so much poverty here. There are over 500 students in the elementary school, and we make sure that every one gets gifts. I was pretty amazed/impressed with that when we came here. We have some very dedicated people who take charge of that ministry. I sure hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours will be small...just our immediate family and one other guest so far that I know of. That could change between now and then! Happy Thanksgiving! Love you!

  2. that is a beautiful picture of you debbi, you look so pretty when you smile. i donate to toys for tots for christmas. unwrapped toys that are donated to different charities then distributed to families in need. i have never eaten or made a fried green tomato, i HAVE to try one. my youngest son, he is 40 will be home for thanksgiving, i am prepping his room and will be cooking all of his favorite meals. we always have thanksgiving dinner at my nieces house and i love it. we all bring food and we all help, it's so fun. our weather has been warm, 60 yesterday, 70 today!!

  3. Good grief! My laptop is slightly crazy and I lost my comment!
    Always good to see a pic of YOU in a post!
    We have Old Maids but I didn't know that's what they're called!
    You outdid yourselves on the garden this year! Every year I hope for a good garden....maybe next year.

  4. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends. We had ours early since my daughter worked Thursday and Friday plus my Missouri family came down for a visit. Love all the pretty flowers. So pretty.
    Those maters looked really tasty.

  5. TG and I often have grilled cheeses (toasted up in the big cast iron skillet) along with big bowls of Progresso Tomato Basil soup, a/k/a the best canned soup on the market! That is soul food, to me. You look so beautiful in that picture at the top of your post. Merry Christmas, Debbi and Mr. Front Porch! xoxo

  6. answering your question on my post, i spent a little over an hour in the store shopping and taking pictures!!