"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, January 31, 2021


At the beginning of Fall---We took a long drive out on the highways and by-ways of the country to go see the ruins.

here I am with our sweet girls! they LOVE TO GO

Well, yes, I made alot of pictures! LOL this is one of my favorite places to photograph. Ever.

When we first started coming here, there was no fencing, that is pretty new. We used to be able to walk freely all around and inside the old church. Sadly, things change.

I could study the time-ravaged bricks and stones all day.......

lots of amazing old rusty fences and gates.......

bricks in a tree!

peaceful graves (crypts?)

to see more about the history and why this old church is still standing-- and more about this place and the people who lived  here and their way of life---- 
(what was Sunday worship like for them? What kind of clothes did they wear? What did they like to eat? What kind of music did they have? How did they take care of their children? What were their weddings like? How did they travel?)  please go here:

click below:

about half way down the page you'll find the post about these ruins (right after the pictures of the Easter eggs, ha ha LOL!)

also there is a really neat water pump with lots of fresh water in those pictures, which I didn't make any pictures of it on this day.
 It's a pretty cool thing to see and Mr. Front Porch always plays with it.

I love this place. I could spend hours here.
I have.
And I will again.....