"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Antique shop and presents

We didn't go in...........we are just "window shopping"!

Lots of pretties to see.......I love all the mirrors!
I love these big ornate golden mirrors, and we have quite a few of them in our home. I know it's not everyone's style.....but I sure do love them!

Let's buy a big chandelier!! LOL

This was an evening I wrapped bright blue tinsel and white snowflakes around the girls , and we headed out to make Christmas pictures of them for our Christmas cards!

I made this play-dough craft/activity box for Fairy Granddaughter for one of her Christmas presents. I started with a theme of fairies, then ended up mixing all kinds of things in.....mermaids, fairies, unicorns, dinosuars, princess, ponies, ocean animals, etc. I added pom poms, buttons, plastic jewels, and all kind of trinkets.The play-dough is scented and some in neon colors, to make the "base" of the scene the child can then create and use their imagination.

 There was a matching blouse as well, ha ha LOL

Fun Barbie and mermaid plastic play sets!

She got an American Girl doll for Christmas, so we got her accessories like clothes, shoes, sunglasses, etc. and the pink car.

the car is fun!--the headlights light up and there is a real working radio too!

also got her this big collectors edition American Girl doll book:

it's full of amazing big pictures of the dolls, their accessories and stories and their history!

Beautiful kitty books! Aren't these kittens gorgeous!?

........and a puppy book too!

Fun fairy books!

and a box of ponies and those little packets of play horses that you don't know what you get until you open the package. Those are fun.

I made her this Betsy McCall paper dolls scrapbook. I had fun doing it and told her the story of how I loved paper dolls when I was her age and how my  Ma-Maw would buy me paperdolls and also save me all her McCalls magazines so that I could cut out the Betsy McCall paperdolls when I came to visit.

I thought she would like to curl up on a quiet or rainy day and read all about Betsy McCall's many many adventures!

Got her lots and lots of the American Girl doll books! I love these books and they teach history in a fun and interesting way.

.......and of course, she opened up her "Tracie" doll, LOL. She named hers "Daisy".

We enjoyed our annual Christmas visit to the Belmond Place Hotel. We always take pictures by their big staircase and I love their big beautiful chandelier, the gorgeous decorations, the big Christmas trees, the piano music and pretty floral displays.
 Every single year since she was born we have taken her to see the trains here........and this year we were dissapointed to see that the train display was not there.

She brought this pretty little doll in her holiday party dress on our outing. This is not the one she got for Christmas

We had fun looking at art. I loved the paintings with the crazily tilted Charleston houses! Fun!

She loved the candle-lit church service. I did too!---one of my favorite services of the year.

Christmas Eve we were out enjoying a warm and balmy evening, and delivering Christmas cookies and presents!

Hope your Monday was real nice! Hope you enjoyed this little Christmas visit with us and our little Fairy Granddaughter, and our dogs!


  1. Wonderful gifts for the granddaughter and am sure she loved them. The Belmond Place Hotel was just beautiful!! Sorry they didn't have the train display as am sure it was spectacular as well. Your little cardinal pin suits you:)

  2. Oh so many wonderful things for your little fairygranddaughter to enjoy! I am sure she has something new to play with for every day of the year almost! Oh, and I love her new dollies...especially the doll she named "Daisy"!! I am very excited about something or some"one" who is coming to my house soon...and we are also thinking about special names... so excited! I loved ALL your pictures, and that red cardinal pin is gorgeous! Oh, I am sorry there was no train display! What a pity. We had a train display under our tree for the first time in MANY years this year, and we enjoyed it so much! My hubby was saying he wished we'd bring it back out and set it up again...who knows, maybe we will...but I'd prefer to save it for Christmas so it will always be something special to look forward to. We'll see. This was delightful. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I feel like I've been out walking with you!!

  3. Wow that is a load of presents! They will keep your granddaughter busy all year long. I love your cardinal pin! Wonderful pictures. My mom and I used to go to Charleston for tea, and an afternoon of shopping. Such wonderful memories. xoxo

  4. I truly enjoyed our visit here today! What great gift ideas you have!
    And I always enjoy all the pictures you make! And your outfits! And your jewelry!

  5. The sparkles don't do much for me, though I'm sure they were a hit with your grand. But that antique store would have sucked me right in!