"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, September 30, 2018

A walk to the fountain

Howdy there, Mr. Squirrel!

I just love these old iron fountains and Charleston has so many of them. No matter where you are, turn right or turn left, there is nearly always a pretty fountain within easy walking distance. I love to walk to them, around them, and to sit next them just relaxing and listening to the splashing water. Even on the most muggy and sultry of days, sitting next to the water makes you just feel cooler, doesn't it?
I like to bring little granddaughter to the fountains and watch her throw pennies into the water as she makes a wish, she sure enjoys that!
And a picnic by a fountain is always so very nice, in any season!

I spotted these pretty flower bouquets in the store last night, aren't they pretty?

Even if I don't always buy them, I usually stop to admire them.

Do you have fountains in your town? How is Fall treating y'all in your neck of the woods? Has anybody had frost yet?--not here, it's still pretty hot.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

ORANGE night

It's an orange evening in the hot city.

This was a walk we took sometime back in late August, I think. Every night we walked this week it was just as hot as summer and I was sweating so bad, so our walks were short, even after the sun goes down.
Meet me at the gate and we'll walk!

this is my other kimono I told you about!
They are fun to wear.I posted my first one here:
My long kimono

I love it when we have the "blue hour" only we  jokingly call it the "blue minute", because it seems to be there, and then GONE..... so quickly.

I carried this pocketbook SO MUCH THIS SUMMER! If you know me, you know how much I LOVE pocketbooks and fun jewelry and scarves.
My favorite purse charm, got it this summer!

Thinking back to these orange pictures........I made these back in January. They go with this post I think--so I am putting them here.

Headed back in now for a big glass of sweet tea on lots of ice!  I cut lemons too----do you like lemons in your tea or water? I'll see you on the next walk! Always glad when you join us!
It's the weekend!---y'all have any fun weekend plans?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Flowers up high

I didn't even notice the flowers way up there until Mr. Front Porch pointed them out to me!

Sun is setting, it will be dark soon

rainbow love beads and a smooth polished rock thing! LOL

peeking in gates

Recent thrift store treasures:
this bright colorful pillow just makes me all kinds of HAPPY!!

SO GLAD I didn't leave this one at the store!

I think I posted this chair a few weeks back, I fell in love with it

I got a better picture so you can see just how SMALL IT really is! It's a child chair I think? So little and dainty.

a white pillow---these were popular in the 50s or 60s maybe?--weren't they called pincushion pillows or pinwheel pillows or something like that? anyone remember??

a gold ruffle pillow

a green one I already had, just like it, but green

all 3 pillows

a cute dress for granddaughter--will be so pretty for Fall pictures! I just love this bright print!

a really pretty heavy glass paperweight

more of the pretty details in this picture

a pretty little plate---now hung up in the kitchen!
Two swirly, twirly, long skirts:
a purple skirt
the green skirt is like suede---can't wait til it's a bit cooler to wear it!

a fun summer purse! It's similar to the one in the picture above, but w/out the beaded handles

I've been collecting peacocks the past year or so, I just think they are so colorful and pretty! I enjoyed them so much on my birthday over at the plantation, where they wander wild all over. I made lots of pictures of them that week, The only other place I ever see peacocks is down at Weeki Wachee springs, in Florida.

side view of my little peacock box
I love to see everybody's thrift store treasures, what have you found lately???