"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sunday Rain

I have a friend in this lovely garden.....Here he comes!
See him? He's getting up to come greet me.
He sniffs thoroughly and wants to be petted. He finishes his greeting and goes back to enjoying his yard, and guarding the gate. Good dog.

Trees and vines are dripping with fresh rain

Street puddles reflect the January sky

These pretty blossoms had been beaten off the tree, and lay on the ground. I wanted to scoop them up and bring them back in with  me!

The foggy mist makes everything quiet, peaceful, and mysterious.

The streets are wet and the chilly air feels clean

A brightly lit house beckons on a winter evening if you are damp or cold. Isn't a lamp burning brightly in a window just the most welcoming sight?

and I'm so glad you came with us!

Shake the umbrella, take off the wet shoes, and snuggle into warm jammies. A hot supper and a good show on television awaits.
Hope y'all had a very nice weekend!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Saturday Walk

Why am I carrying a toy pony around the city?
Answer--because we had little granddaughter with us and she LOVES her ponies! LOL There will come a day in the future when she will definetly not want to be seen carrying dolls or toys around, so I am enjoying these fun times so much, and enjoying the wonder of a child's imagination and how they see the world. She is so much more into these soft stuffed animal ponies, than with any baby dolls, and she puts dresses on them (the fancier, the better! LOL), bows in their manes, necklaces around their necks and socks or bracelets on their legs. Her ponies are well loved! ha ha LOL

You can barely see hers! LOL--she put it inside her jacket to "keep it warm" and you could barely see the top of it's little head, which had a bright scarf tied on it. My pony is like black velvet and was attired in a light green chiffon and silk dress and green "pearls". ha ha LOL

Walking by the old Calhoun Mansion

My pearls I got for Christmas and my new seahorse pendant
(My Seahorse pin I have on my coat:)

Always warm lights glowing inside, and outside lights flickering
This was the last of her energy for the day...she had spent the day  on an old plantation running on the huge lawns, climbing trees, petting horses, rolling down hills, and picnicking.  We had time for a nice little walk and headed in for a supper of pizza, which hit the spot!
I made this picture earlier this winter:

Random pictures:

Thrift store finds this week:
I've been getting a few bird knick-knacks here and there. Now that I am feeding them and enjoying them, I notice little figurines like this more. I sure would LOVE TO see some birds this color at our feeders! LOL

Pretty white horse
and a plastic horse for granddaughter!:

the blue white vase from the thrift store beside my new Pioneer Woman Cannister
Hope your weekend is going nicely!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Tin Houses

Spotted this old dollhouse sitting out in a yard. I can't decide if all that paint sloshed onto it over the years as it sat in a garage or shed......or if this was done by a child, or on purpose? What do you think?

So much of the paint looks like it spilled on the top and then just dripped down.
Below are my little tin Christmas houses. This is a closer view of them than the pictures I showed on a previous post.
One side

Turned around to the other side

I just love all the details on them!

I love the variety of the fun winter scenes! All the little people are so cute!

 I was going to leave them out until Valentines Day, since they have winter scenes...but with a closer look I see way too many Christmas lights and wreaths and Christmas trees, etc. ....so guess I will store them away 'til next year! I still have some snowmen out, and I have a few reindeer I leave out year round!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Winter Wedding

This happy newly married couple were enjoying a carriage ride

And off they go into their future........

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Our Tuesday

I stopped to admire all the little statues and cute things in this little garden:

They have alot of the blue/white pottery I love.

 Out for a walk with our girls tonight.

My old shoes:
These old shoes have been on so many adventures with me! Old, strong, sturdy, they protect my feet and they are pretty darn comfortable too! LOL

..........time to head home---cheeseburgers from the grill tonight!
thrift store finds this week:

a sweet little Valentine dress for Granddaughter:

Love these curtains!

a pretty blouse, new with tags!

I just love the pretty floral print!!
Hope everybody's week is going fine!