"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, March 30, 2020

Window Shopping back in the winter

Back in December, we were dressed up for a holiday event, and afterwards we went for a walk about, enjoying the street scenes during the Christmas season, and looking in all the shop windows.
I never got the pictures posted, so will do so today. Bittersweet to look back at a very recent time when things were "normal" and our cities bustled with merriment and activity and folks bustling to and fro......

Got out my blue velvet dress-up gloves, and my little old clutch pocketbook---I've had this for over twenty years! I decorated it with beads and rhinestones and embroidery snowmen so long ago. It has yellowed with age some...and that just makes it all the more precious to me.

A great place to Meet up! LOL

So........let's meet here, and we'll go enjoy the festive sights together! We have ducked into this little area more than ONCE....DURING A RAIN DOWN-POUR. ha ha LOL!

I always like to admire the pretty dolls in the doll store!

Love that little Christmas tree up there in that upstairs apartment!

Love the fruit fan here!!

a fun and interesting book in a shop window

......and a beautiful glowing wreath, all lit up with rainbow colors.
How quickly our whole world can change......

Be careful  and stay safe, y'all!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

A Saturday Drive About

Scenes from last Saturday

Instead of our usual walk....we decided to take a nice drive around the city
Cute little girls in spring dresses:
(below)LOTS of dogs taking their humans out for a walk......

..........and some dogs enjoying a breezy drive!

"social distancing" at a popular dog run/play area

a young girl enjoys the fountain. I think they've since all been turned off

underneath the highway

I haven't seen this MANY SKATEBOARDS since I don't know when! LOL! I think everybody that has one has went and got it from their attic or storage and brought it out to play! ha ha The same for "rollerblades" as well, ha ha. Charleston is a bicycle city though, we always have bicyclists out.
a pretty old church basks in the afternoon sunlight

This guy was entertaining by twirling some kind of pole thing?--each end had like 4 prongs on it. Our daughter twirled fire batons in high school and this was way too long for that, so just not sure what this was.

this dog carries his toy along!!--So cute!!

Just folks out trying to get some fresh air........lots of walking, dogs being friendly, people fishing, taking pictures of the water, picnics on blankets with good food, and people enjoying being out on the water in boats.
Things look normal.
But they are not........