"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Merry Easter, Y'all!


Have a lovely day!

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Easter week in the country


I think this week's full moon is the Worm Moon.

Our Easter week is going great, and hope yours is too.

Mr. Front Porch surprised me and brought home two camellia bushes, and two azalea bushes! Plus a mandevilla.

Our first summer here was last summer, we called it our "practice summer". There were no gardens established, so we had to start from nothing. We had no idea where things would grow best. But, garden we did....and it was hit or miss. We got lucky with alot of it. 

Got the "maters" in this week

This year we have moved our "maters" and red peppers gardens to a second kitchen garden, and gave that previous whole kitchen garden over to strictly onions. They are almost 8 inches high, and doing great!


Mr. Front Porch got the green beans in today, and we have squash seedlings up and growing. We've never had much luck with squash seeds, but last year bought plants already started....and those yielded alot of squash for us!

baby squash

"Taters"  and sweet taters did great last year in the big garden, so we guessed lucky there.

We decided to hold off on planting bushes until  THIS spring, and we would kind of know where things grow best. We did grow lots of flowers last summer, if you remember last summer's posts---you probably remember me posting LOTS OF my "old maids", my zinnias! LOL

....and they gave us LOTS of seeds! yay!

will be planting these soon!

 So now we have these camellia and azalea bushes, I was so excited to get them!

I love the scarlet blooms! These are their last blooms of their season. They will bloom again around Thanksgiving and through Christmas and all winter next year.

Let's go for a little walk-about......

Mr. Front Porch got the camellias in a few days ago, just perfect timing for the hard rains that came right after. He will get the azalea bushes in this weekend. 

the pansies are loving the spring weather!

a big feast bowl for the chickens! I see rice, scrambled eggs, a hunk of cabbage,  sprinkles of hamburger, vegetables, corn, they LOVE pieces of spaghetti----I think they think it's WORMS! LOL!
and they love watermelon, especially on hot summer days

of course, they eat regular feed too, but they love their supper bowl "treats". They are spoiled ladies! LOL
go get it, ladies!

they love the sunshine and the tall green grass!
this is Rose. I got her and her sister Blanche last Mothers Day. We lost poor Blanche to a snake, but Rose has done great!

this is Big Goldie, she's the "leader of the pack". Or should I say the leader of the FLOCK? LOL She's bossy and keeps everyone in line, and doing what they are supposed to do. She thinks she is a Rooster! ha ha

Let's see, what else is going on?

this one is waiting for water, to take a bath!

so we filled the birdbaths.......

and immediately, here they come! Bathtime, y'all!

and Mrs. Bluebird is feathering her nest, getting ready for babies!
our fig tree is sprouting out. Does anyone like figs?

.........and Barn Kitty Callie follows me wherever I go.......twisting and turning herself around my feet.

First Magazine

So glad you came by to our country place today, hope your week is going great!

Friday, March 22, 2024

a day in charleston

 We spent a day in Charleston this week

over the bridge

........and then under it! LOL

I love looking at all the amazing architecture

Seems everybody and their dog was out enjoying the Spring day!

 a few of the Basket Ladies were out

and the horses and carriages and wagons were out

We were lucky to be there when the Wisteria was in full bloom!

I do love photographing it every year!

Clusters of beautiful purple blossoms, waving gently in the spring breeze

Bees, drunk on the nectar, bump around lazily

lots of others come to make pictures too.....we all politely and good naturedly wait our turn.....

caught a buzzing bee in this one! LOL

"It's a place so beautiful it  makes your eyes ache with pleasure just to walk down it's spellbinding, narrow streets. "  .....Pat Conroy
Most of the pretty windowboxes are already planted. I love seeing which flowers and which colors people use each year

one of my most favorite gates

Lots of green trees now and lots of flowering trees in full bloom

I was not only thrilled to catch the purple Wisteria in full bloom.....but also the yellow Ladybanks I love too!

They're so bright and pretty!

"the gardens of Charleston were mysteries walled away in ivied jewel boxes emitting their special fragrances over high walls...." ....Pat Conroy

the sky was brilliant blue that day and Saint Michaels looks pretty

preparing for upcoming Easter

pretty pink!

there are always long lines at Hymans for the seafood

I like the color of this green house

it photographed kind of blue, but it's really a bright purple!

I've always loved this old Greek Revival building, it's huge! A long time ago, it was a Methodist church, built in 1856.  It was used as a hospital during the Civil War. It now  houses all kinds of rare documents. I read that recently investors bought the old building, planning to turn it into commercial businesses. They paid over 2 million. The museum has been permanently closed.

Spring green, breaking out all over!

and the azaleas were in rampant bloom just everywhere!
Below, my St. Patricks day fun socks and my  french twist clipped up "hair-do" and my green bows! LOL

Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Hope your week was safe and happy. Hope y'all have a real nice happy, Peaceful weekend. 
Looks like Florida is getting alot of rain. We've had off and on rain here all day, most light, but a few heavy downpours.
our beans, "maters", and onions are planted. This weekend we plant "taters"!

I made this picture last month, I think:
we have lots of cardinals!