"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, February 26, 2016

Nadia the Traveller

Let me introduce you to "Nadia" the beautiful  Russian Blue cat

Not sure if y'all saw it or not...but Nadia made the national news yesterday. 

These are her folks:

Click below to read the amazing story:

Nadia the Cat travels 1500 miles to Florida! By herself!

Apparently Miss Nadia went missing on Christmas Eve. Nobody knows how she got to FLORIDA from Wisconsin! Maybe she hitched a ride or mistakenly got on a moving truck is my guess?

She is micro-chipped and that is how they identified her. 
I am so happy they found her and are now reunited! HAPPY ENDING!
Maybe the snow and ice was getting on her nerves...and she just wanted to relax on a warm beach for a while! (they found a little beach towel and sunscreen in her little suitcase. HA HA LOL...just kidding)


While walking in the French Quarter, we caught this lithe ballerina warming up in the fresh air outside the historic Dock Street Theater

Girl has leg muscles!!!!
The wrought-iron balcony is very photogenic!

Its a beautiful and historic old theater, with the opening performance being in 1736. Originally the building was a hotel. Plays and musicals are put on here regularly. I hear "Mary Poppins" will be presented in April.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring in Charleston

Looks like Spring has "sprung" here in the Holy City!
Went for a walk yesterday to see what was blooming and found lots of pretty posies to photograph, plenty of warm breezes, and plenty of fresh spring scents. 
The sunny daffodils are raising their bright yellow little faces up to the sun.
the azaleas are blooming...
I love looking up at this tall window!

so many beautiful blooms they have escaped their boxes and are cascading down in bunches..
My favorites for today....love those velvety purple blooms!

The tulip trees are still blooming furiously

Horses enjoying their walk..

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

SEWE 2016 Dock Diving Dogs!

This dog could NOT WAIT to get started!!

This beautiful Black Lab looks like he was MADE FOR THE WATER, doesn't he? He is so regal....look at that amazing face.

Lots of good splashing going on!! Yes, I got wet too!

This dog hesitated and hesitated.......we clapped and cheered, and clapped and cheered.......and YAY! This contestant did a great jump!

Children lined up and waiting for the next big splash!

Other fun at SEWE included:


(check out those long eyelashes!)

Warm fires:

Bluegrass music:

.....and good food!

There was also a big fun slide for the kids.
...and friendly animals to pet:

and lots more to see and do...

At the end of the day, many went home with  new awards and ribbons......
and we all got treated to a beautiful sunset in Charleston!