"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, May 24, 2021

it got cold


on the right you can see teensy little baby marigold seeds coming up

It got COLD this week! I've been sorting out clothes in my dressing room, putting up "winters" and getting out "spring/summers"......this last week sent me searching for more sweaters, and my winter HAT!

"It's chilly out here!"

fun little books I got Fairy Granddaughter

Got this movie for Fairy Granddaughter, it looks good!:
I love these, they teach history in such a fun manner!
Think I've heard of this author (below), but not sure??
got this one for me! LOL

Found a nice old copy of "Little Women" for granddaughter:
I loved this book as a young girl!! I read it over and over. 
this one looks to be written at her reading level

love seeing this old story and all the old pictures

I've seen several movie adaptions of Little Women over the years. The other night we watched a really old black and white version. 
I also LOVED the version on Pureflix called "Little Men", (1998) I think It maybe went for a few seasons, and I wish they hadn't ended it.

Have you watched the "Little Women" movies and if so.....which is your favorite?
I've loved all of Karen Whites's novels, except for the spooky ones, I don't care for those. The rest of hers are GREAT.
wasn't totally sure if I'd read this one, so I picked it up! LOL

Does anyone remember "Strawberry Girl"???
the charming illustrations are by Lois Lenski

I remember reading Strawberry Girl when I was a little girl. I immediately recognized all the illustrations from so so so many years ago! Isn't it neat how we can remember things like that?!

more Pony books!

this little "Jada Jones" book is autographed

illustrations by Vanessa Brantley Newton

 I love reading Nancy Rhyne books! I don't care for the ghost stories.....but I do love the HISTORY AND FOLKLORE!

One night last week we took an evening walk:
the air was refreshingly CHILLY!

I had on a shirt, a sweater, AND a shawl, LOL

the sun is setting, the shadows are appearing, and lights are now softly glowing in the houses
always look UP!

beautiful etched glass in these big doors

and a big sparkling chandelier inside:

the moon is a sliver

flowers blooming in the moonlight

Colorful night blooms:

got my new little blue pocketbook at the thrift store a week or so ago.....I do love it! It's REAL SOFT leather, nicely "broken in" I guess. A Good cleaning and used pocketbooks turn out fine, pocketbooks are my weakness, ha ha ha LOL! I buy alot of them. I love fun accessories....pocketbooks and scarves, fun jewelry, etc. Oh, and HATS, I do love hats!
Pretty night scenes:

Arm candy! LOL
Yesterday was my birthday, so we've been out celebrating, it has now heated back up and it was 90 degrees yesterday but I had a GREAT DAY!!
Hope everyone's weekend was nice and your week has started off great!
I shall be around to visit y'all later tonight.