"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hippie Chicks!

Calling all Hippie Chicks! LOL

Anyone remember this old song? The girls in this picture could've jumped straight out of a photo from 1968 couldn't they!?
(they just need "some flowers in their hair") LOL

Back in February---Before the stores closed down....
I came in here for.............ROCKS. Yes, Rocks. ha ha I do love the pretty polished rocks and like to add to my little collection, so I stopped in. Yes, they did have them.
But first I stopped to look at these softly glowing salt lamps.

And all kinds of other interesting items..........like these leather books.

bright cheery material garlands

..........and feathers! LOL............oh finally---here are the pretty rocks!
So many to choose from!

Ok--I'm NOT into any of the 'rocks have powers' stuff. I just like plain old pretty ROCKS! HA HA lol

Hippie chick pocketbooks! LOL I have quite a few of these fringy ones already, so I did not buy.

A whole wall of "hippie chick" pocketbooks! LOL

Well, I haven't seen a MOOD RING DISPLAY since like 1975!! ha ha LOL.......so guess what I DID??!! Yep, I bought one! Could not resist. 
I decided on the pretty PURPLE STONE, and also one of these rainbow things. I think they are so pretty!

Some of my little collection:

Happy happy weekend, y'all!! Be careful and be safe!!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Sunset on the Creek

Over the bridge..............

............and to the creek!!
the marsh framed here by a building

beautiful shades of green!

nice boardwalk to walk on

That's the bridge we just came across, the first two pictures of this post

This young black Lab is enjoying being next to the water

floating bar

a dolphin entertained us with big splashes! And the pelicans were diving straight down into the water after fish, also making big splashes

It was REAL WINDY tonight!!--maybe remnants of Storm Bertha. The strong breezes felt GREAT after some hot days this weekend.
Boats are heading back in for the night! Lots of them! Let's watch!
And who do we have here??
Big strong loyal BRAVE CAPTAIN of his boat!

well you can tell he's done this a time or two! LOL

Palmetto Breeze sunset cruise coming in........

Lights coming on.....nightfall is here

Beads today..........green and beige mixed ones, and some beige shimmery rock type beads my Mom gave me about 20 years ago

Hope you enjoyed the pretty sunset with us tonight!