"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, November 22, 2021

Fall is here

 Fall  has finally arrived to the Lowcountry!

The temperatures have cooled down, and I've had my sweaters out and ready for these nice days.

There are even a few Fall leaves scattered about!

Lots of bright blooms! and pumpkins scattered everywhere, on windowsills and on porches and dressing up steps

The mums have burst into bloom, and the piles of "punkins" are so festive!

Perfect weather to be outside enjoying the fresh air!

.......and perfect weather for lighting an outside fire when the sun goes down! (so we did!)
Hello, Fall.
Good-bye summer, we eagerly await to see you again next year. 
I wrote this about "goodnight, Charleston" several years ago for the blog.

Goodnight city, and goodnight Summer!

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Fall scenes and places


Bright orange houses go with Fall, right? LOL

I've always loved this mosaic on this sidewalk!

Love these bright and cheery scarecrows!
aren't they so cute?

Well there's a hawk way up there, but he is really hard to get a good picture of!

and it's equally as hard to get a good picture of this church.....with all those wires! LOL

a peek into one of my favorite Charleston cemeteries......and so many pretty flowers still blooming!
 This is a wild and very overgrown cemetery, I love wandering around in it. It's full of tumbling vines and beautiful blooms and swaying Spanish moss---lush and overgrown with grasses and weeds, magnolia and Palm trees, Four 0'clock flowers and lilies, weeping willows and flowering shrubs. It's our second oldest cemetery here in Charleston, I believe. Many of the ancient headstones are now crumbling with age, but many can still be read, with dates clear back to the 1770s.

this is the cemetery that has ties to Edgar Allan Poe.
 Way back in the 1800s, he was stationed (Army) at one of our windy barrier islands--- Sullivan's Island----- and he fell in love with a beautiful young girl named Anna. (the legends say Anna Ravenel) She was much younger than him, at only 14 years old they say.  Her wealthy Father forbid them to be together, as she was already promised to another.
 Her father tried everything to keep them apart, even locking her into the house. The story goes that they would secretly meet in this old cemetery when she could sneak out. Was she "Annabel Lee"......or is it just legend? (his famous work Annabel Lee was written in 1849, I believe?)
The Army transferred him away, and later on Annabel became sick with a bad fever (Yellow fever?) and passed away. Her sister got word to her beloved Soldier, but before he could hurry to her....she had passed away. Her father refused to allow him to even attend the funeral , and the legend goes that he even had tombstones moved or left quite a few plots that he had purchased un marked so that he could never ever find her, even in death. I think Annabel Lee was his last poem he wrote?
Come with me to Archdale
Click above to see better pictures of this cemetery. It's the second post down, right after the "Tansy in the Garden" one! LOL

There used to be LOTS OF wild kitties that lived at this house........I haven't seen any lately though. People used to leave out cans of cat food and tuna for them....

"arm candy" today is puffy pom poms! LOL

and my "beads" for today is the gold leaf necklace which my Mom gave me......I wear it pretty much daily all Fall. Also this brown/golden bead necklace. It's amber......or tortiseshell......or tiger eye.....or something. I dont' really KNOW WHAT it is. LOL

nice evening for a little window shopping..........let's go peek into some windows!

I ALWAYS love their displays here......so many pretty things!

Yes, I'll take one of each! LOL

pretty frocks

got me some new Fall nail colors! fun!

and............a new pocketbook strap!! I love this one!

Hope your week is going great!! Are you getting pretty Fall weather? What is your FAVORITE PART OF FALL?