"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

On the Roof

Looking in between the two buildings I spotted an interesting building straight ahead. I am always interested in vintage architecture and neat old windows.
I saw a bushy/grassy/green thing up there practically on the roof. Can you see it?-- above the windows?

So, I zoomed in. At first it had looked like a Christmas tree up on or near a roof top garden. The closer I got, it no longer looked like that. It looked more like a palm tree.

So I zoomed a little more! Couldn't yet tell it it as a tree growing in a pot on someone's balcony......or just a weed?
One thing for sure...I could now clearly see some real nice carving all fancy and pretty--that was pretty invisible in Photo Number One.

Zooming in closer..............
What do y'all think it is way up high on the top of that building? I think it's a palm tree like plant/shrub that some birds planted there by accidentally dropping seeds and there was enough dirt/dust/leaves etc. for the seeds to sprout. 

Friday, May 26, 2017


Tall Ship Day in Charleston

Last weekend the Tall Ships sailed into our Charleston Harbor. The church bells were pealing loud as the ships sailed in. One lady said "it was like royalty" was arriving!

They just scurried up and down those ropes like they were nothing!

A closer look at the beautiful art:

Oh my, what have we here!?
Yep, sure looks like pirates to me! (didn't I just do a post about pirates!?)
A close up of the fancy shoes!

Lots of people from all over came out to enjoy the hot windy day

Guess we better keep an eye out for more pirates! There's another one over there!

A kitty?

 As I watched, she got up, walked like she knew EXACTLY WHERE she was going, and boarded the ship!
There she goes!
And she went right through this door and we didn't see her again! Either she is the ship's cat OR she is in for the ride of her life!

There were fun pirate camps for the kids, music, food, and lots of things to see and buy.

I loved this mermaid!! she was HEAVY!!

He surely DOES LOOK AUTHENTIC doesn't he!?

We enjoyed seeing all the Tall ships sights. If you'd like to learn more about the Tall Ships and what they do and where they go click here:

A list and pictures of all the gorgeous ships!
(check out that one with the GREEN SAILS, I loved that one!)