"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

wildflower time

 It's wildflower time in the country!

our fields are full of beautiful wildflowers this year, I am loving them so much!

(below) me on Easter in the purple field

The yellow flowers below are new and have just bloomed this week. I have NO IDEA what they are, but they are along side all the country roads and in the ditches.

Love our wildflowers! (we did not plant these, they just are here, LOL)

These tiny flowers seem to like cool shady places
The yellow ones below are different and grow in different patches from the yellow ones above. With a quick glance they look the same but they are not.
 The ones above are MUCH tinier and have 5 petals. The ones below are alot bigger, and have only 4 petals. And they are thriving in the hot bright sun.
Out gathering bouquets of wildflowers a few days ago:

Here's what I got:

the tiny purple ones smell like lilacs

And with spring being here, little Mommy Bluebird is sitting on her nest, patiently warming her little baby eggs and waiting for Daddy Bluebird to bring her some supper!

We love porch sitting and watching them! And now the hummingbirds are back too, so fun to watch their wild antics..... swoops and zooming about! They are slurping up the nectar I make them about as fast as I can make it! Maybe they are extra hungry from their long journey?
Our baby chicks are doing great and growing so fast! They looked like this a few weeks ago:

(below)This is how they look today. They were tiny fluff balls. Now they are bigger, have WINGS, and feathers and their combs are coming through. And the pattern is coming out on these two....as new babies they were almost totally black.
These two are VERY FRIENDLY! They all love attention.

And today, we went and picked up these babies! They hatched 2 days ago!

They are so tiny! I love their colors and the pretty stripes. They are so pretty, but when they are fully grown, they will be odd looking birds. These are baby guineas!

Tonight's big full moon is the Pink Moon,  named after the pink ground phlox. Try to get out and enjoy it if you can. Hope you're having a great week so far. We are being blessed with a nice COOL SPELL here, and enjoying it so much! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

New babies!

 Here's a few left in the box, getting ready to go into their new home:

cheep cheep peep peep!! They have the sweetest little voices! One has the most daintiest little sing-song voice!

And they are SO SOFT!
Below: this one's a singer! She's singing Jolene! LOL
Here they are learning to get into their "heater house" I call it. As they grow bigger, we raise the heater up so they can still fit under it. Even with warm days, baby chicks have to have heat warmers to sleep under until they are about 4 weeks old, or fully feathered.

they are so much fun to watch them jump and play! See the little nubs on their sides---those have feathered now and ours are trying out their wings. They are very clumsy and don't quite know what they are doing yet. They fly into each other and walls. LOL

Look how this one wears her eye make-up! LOL Shes so glamourous!

They are just precious! Look at those sweet little faces!
NO CALLIE........dont you even think it!!

Glad you came to see me, and hope your week has been going well! It's been HOT HERE. Much ice water and sweet tea with lemon is being consumed, LOL!

Sunday, April 14, 2024

spring reads


Spring reading

I just finished this Danielle Steel. Back in the 80s, I devoured each and every one of her novels. Many many hours I've spent with Danielle's books. I hadn't read anything by her in a long time, probably years, spotted this one, and it was good. Set in the late 1950s.

THIS book below was so very good! I stayed up very very late many nights last week reading this one. It was excellent.

I had seen two movies about the Tennessee Children's  home, but hadn't read this book.

One of the movies was 1993's Stolen Babies. Set in the 1940s, It's about the Tennessee adoption agency who was actually stealing babies from poor families and then selling babies to wealthy couples, as well as movie stars such as Lana Turner and Joan Crawford. 

Children were stolen from hospitals, and even right off the street.

Georgia Tann, who runs the place, is excellently played by Mary Tyler Moore. She did a great job and won an Emmy for her performance in this movie.


unearthed Memphis

another movie loosely based on the Tennessee Children's Home from 1982. This was a really good movie too! It starred Mare Winningham, one of my favorite actresses. It also stars Polly Holliday and Jane Wyatt.

About Lisa Wingate's book:

"The little-known story caught the attention of fiction author Lisa Wingate when she saw a late-night episode of "Deadly Women" on the Discovery Channel about the children's home matriarch, Georgia Tann.

"I wondered if it was all true or was sensationalized for TV," Wingate told Insider. "So I started digging. I had to know more." The result was "Before We Were Yours," a fictional account of the orphanage told through the eyes of 12-year-old Rill Foss. Released in 2017, the book stayed on top of best-seller lists for over a year.

"People would write or email and say, 'This book is about my mother' or 'I think I might be one of the stolen babies,'" Wingate said.

For more than 20 years, Tann ran the Tennessee Children's Home Society, where she and an elaborate network of coconspirators kidnapped and abused children to sell them off to wealthy adoptive parents at a steep profit.

Her favorite scheme was to drive through impoverished neighborhoods, picking out the prettiest children, then offer them rides in her shiny black luxury car. Once the children were in, they usually never saw their families again."...Business Insider


Before that, I read War Brides. It was pretty good. I liked the 1940s era it was set in.
This one is in my stack of "to read" books:

And also in my stack  is Land Girls. This one caught my eye because we so enjoyed a series on Netflix, I think it was, also called Land Girls.
It was on 2009-2011, and was set in the second World War. Its about the young women working in the Women's Land Army on the Hoxley Estate. I think it was originally a BBC drama.
I think it only had a few seasons, and I hated to see it end, I thought it was a really good show and could've been continued with many more stories of the women and their lives. I loved seeing the 1940s era hair styles and outfits.
 above: my book

I find lots of good books in the book sections of two of my favorite magazines. I like the way Womans world shows them by type of book, the author, and a picture of the author, plus what the book is about.
Womans World magazine

Womans World magazine

Have you read any of these books?

Womans World magazine

First magazine

I read The Five Star Weekend last month. It was really good, I really liked it.
First magazine

First magazine

womans world magazine

womans world magazine

womans world magazine

womans world magazine

womans world magazine

These are also in my "to read" stack. Which one should I read first?

Do you prefer books or magazines, or reading them online? I love both, and don't like reading them online. I like the old fashioned way, "real" books and magazines. LOL
Glad you stopped in and looked at books and movies with me today!
Happy Reading!