"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, February 25, 2022



Spring has sprung! and oh how we are ready!

The beautiful tulip trees (japanese magnolias) are in full bloom and I couldn't wait to get out and make pictures of them.

The hot pink azaleas are here too. Some valentines day they are in full bloom, this year they have waited a few more days.

Tansy has put on her spring skirt and her new jean jacket to go out and "stop to smell the flowers". LOL
We did have a lovely Valentines day and hope y'all did too!

Here's some things I put into little Fairy Granddaughter's valentine bag:

Books in ribbons
cute little dolls with plastic dresses LOL


Big red rings! and tiny teacups.

magazines and roller skates for her American Girl doll

There were lots of pretty flowers at the store:

My valentines were lovely..........I was treated to cards, a book, big shiny balloons, and (my favorite!), a steak and smoked salmon and shrimp supper from the grill.

With the good key lime pie for dessert! yum

I got these beautiful sparkly drawer/cabinet knobs.......they are the borealis ones with all the rainbow colors, I just love them! Well, they are just as pretty as real jewelry, aren't they? ha ha LOL

I've been collecting old cameos for many years now. My favorite one is my seahorse one.
And I DID get some real jewelry for valentines, ha ha LOL!---this cameo ring that I just love!

and these fun bright colored bracelets!---they look fun, can't wait to wear them!
 Mr. Front Porch also gifted me with many packs of hollyhocks.......one of my favorites!

and surprised me with a full pot of pretty spring flowers, already planted--here they are enjoying a rainy spring day.
Treated myself to a new lipstick for Valentines day:

it's a good true red

and this----------has anyone else tried Dolly's new perfume yet? I didn't want to buy a whole bottle until I tried it, so you can order this sample for $10.00. Then if you like it, you have a $10 coupon off to purchase the full size bottle, which I thought was a fair deal. It does smell good, and it LASTS a long time, longer than my normal scents.

Been busy catching up on my magazines:

I subscribed to this new one. Have y'all tried it yet? It's about all the old movies and stars like Clark Gable, Lauren Bacall, Lucy and Desi, Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Ozzie and Harriet, Judy Garland and the like.

And catalogs! So many to go through..........

This one has so many pretty things..........fun to look through! Gloves and teacups and trinkets...

love this beautiful lamp shade! Not the $130.00 price though!

and they have the prettiest RUGS!!! SO MANY CUTE ONES.

The rugs are so pretty, but they look very very small for the $60.00 price tag, what do you think?

Picked these up at the grocery............haven't tried them yet but they sure look good!
Mr. Front Porch is busy getting the garden going! He has the small kitchen garden planted with the good red peppers, green peppers, and onions.
Hope y'all have had a great February, and wow!---March is nearly here and we are  happy for that---perfect walking weather. Is is spring yet where you live or do you have Winter?