"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Birds up high in the sky

Birds of a Feather...........

Check out the shimmer of the purple and green feathers! And if you look closely---it looks like they've had teeny tiny bird pedicures--their toenails (claws?) look polished green! LOL
After I made the pictures of the birds, I noticed this beautiful painting ! Isn't it neat?--I just love it

It was in the window of this art gallery:
goodness gracious......we are getting so close to September!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tiny unicorns and Tansy

On a sunny afternoon earlier this summer, little granddaughter happily enjoyed a walk with her Ma-Maw and Pa-Paw, two dolls and two unicorns.

I have just enough time to quickly change into some play clothes! I'm going to wear my new blue pencil skirt and a fun summer top....and BLUE PEARLS, y'all!

and soak up some sunshine!----but not TOO MUCH sunshine, 1959 barbies don't need any WRINKLES! Have to take care of my youthful complexion...

I point out interesting windows and bricks as we walk, and we look at pretty flowers and gates.
We pause to pet a friendly kitty-cat, talk to a nice dog or person, and look at boats out in the harbour.

Tansy and her best friend pose in front of the "most photographed doorway in America"

mermaid, dolphin, or whale?

Yep, it's a whale!

gotta stop to smell the flowers!

granddaughter put the unicorns on the old boot scraper!

I had fun making pictures of the unicorns!

Kitty cat way down the alley

The pelicans are beginning their evening "swoop"....gracefully soaring above the waves, back and forth, back and forth... searching for their dinner.

a pretty garden

Look at this lovely lady! Love her pretty swirly skirt and her summer purse and her hat!

this friendly dog came over to say "hi"

Yep, Tansy and her unicorns had  a happy day!
Hope your day was happy too! Any day I get to play dolls with our granddaughter is a very happy day to me.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Flashlight Kitty

What's that up in that window? It moved.....oh yes.....it's a cat!

it's sitting there calmly watching me, turning it's head this way and that---if I didn't know any better, I'd say it's even "posing" for me! ha ha LOL

goodness gracious, look at those glowing eyes!

now the eye on the right looks like a star!

fireball eyes! LOL.....it is watching me and wondering why I am looking at it

wow, look at that left eye....you can almost see a beach scene in there, or a globe and planets! ha ha 
I met this gorgeous little kitty about a year ago. We were out after dark walking and this sweet and friendly little creature was hopping and purring and playing with me. It didn't have a collar on and I was worried about it being out alone, by itself, running around in the city streets, not always a safe place for youngsters like this one. I would've taken it right home but we already have cats and there was really no one out and about to ask "is this your cat? do you know if it's a stray?" For all I knew it HAD A GOOD home, and was just outside for a while.
It was so pretty, a little Russian Blue. I didn't see it anymore, although we walk there all the time. So I figured it had a home and was inside.
I was happily surprised to recognize it in the window a few nights ago. Evidently these people took it in, or this was it's home already and it was just outside that evening that I petted it and made pictures of it up on the cars. I am almost 100% certain it's the same cat.
But after making THESE PICTURES, I'm pretty sure because this kitty has a special little talent, LOL---I've made lots of pictures of cats but this one has the most flashlight beams eyes I've EVER SEEN! LOL
To see the post where "Flashlight Kitty" first showed me her amazing laser beam eyes click below (it's about the 4th post down):
Flashlight Kitty

Thank you for stopping in today and hope you enjoyed the pictures of this sweet little kitty with the laser beam eyes! I sure had fun photographing her.
MOST OF ALL...I am thrilled to see she does have a home and what a nice home it is....she has a big house to roam around in and that big pretty bay window to sit in and watch the world go by!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

a bohemian place

Tonight we went over to visit the Grand Bohemian hotel and on the way I had to stop and change out my camera battery, so I hung my pocketbook on the fence.

still have my favorite purse charm hanging on my summer pocketbook, the one with the pink and orange puff-balls. Do you see my new charm there as well? It's a teal puff-ball mermaid tail!

summer city nights

I love the elegant chandeliers hanging from the trees here!

The hotel opened here about three years ago, and I think it has sister hotels in Florida and other states.

The lobby is very interesting, just to walk around and look at everything!
well, of course, this sign caught my attention! LOL

lots of beautiful pictures in the gallery

the registration desk is all lit up and very pretty to look at!

Love the chairs!

my favorite painting of all, just love the colors!

love the pretty lobby!

interesting things scattered about to look at

love this big mirror!

love the pocketbook and the starbucks cup in her hand in this painting!

pretty ruby red chandelier inside

nice bar area

There is a nice rooftop bar and restaurant up on the 4th floor. We didn't spend the night here, but I heard the rooms are very pretty with art hanging on the walls and extra large walk in showers. I think they are pet friendly as well.
This was my favorite spot to sit and rest though....outside underneath the pretty chandeliers in the trees! There was a slight breeze and that is better than nothing on these sweltering August nights!