"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sullivan's Island Sunday

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Catching up on the Porch................


Eclipse watching on a battleship

it really was an amazing thing to see. It got so dark here! The street lights all came on. The temperature just suddenly DROPPED and it got chilly. All the night sounds IMMEDIATELY started up, it was so strange!-- the crickets, frogs, night birds. When the sun came back, they immediately HUSHED, it was eerie. How was YOUR VIEW where you live? Anyone else in totality or near totality?
We watched every episode and I loved it! Hope they are filming Season Two!
We have one lone gardenia blossom hanging around in full bloom. The rest finished up and left back in May!

Mr. Front Porch hung up my pretty Rainbow Blue Jays plate for me. I found it at the thrift store and I just love the unusual colors!

This couple fell in love. I have no idea who these people are---I didn't watch this season! LOL---but I sure love the pretty scenery in the picture!

Saw this flock of flamingoes over at Isle of Palms:
They live here: (of course! LOL)

and watched our new Miss South Carolina be crowned:

Suzi Roberts


Our Sunday drive today took us to Sullivan's Island, one of our favorite beaches

Up and over the bridge onto Sullivan's Island!

this bright red hibiscus sure caught my eye!
I thought the jasmine was done blooming, but here is some, I think?

I don't think this young man read the sign?

She's watching me like a ........well, like a HAWK! ha ha ha LOL
this hawk was keeping a close eye on me! We watched her mate (or her Dad--she appears small to me?) go out over the ocean, take a hard, fast dive straight into the water--and catch a nice fish for their supper!

Dogs enjoying the cool water! They were enjoying a nice gentle tidal pool
getting ready to take some pictures!

Hanging lazily on vines in the summer heat

Going underneath a bridge, y'all!

Check out that sweet little face! I am amazed at how these little ones can KEEP UP! They swim fast!

this poor little guy has been in an accident or a fight. I've never seen one with almost all the dorsal fin chopped off like this. He didn't seem to let it bother him though--he was keeping up with his pod really well. They swim so fast!

Bright Graffiti 

this guy was setting up to photograph dolphins too, I bet

I still had my new purple dress on from church this morning. It has pretty embroidery all up on the bodice. My necklaces today were a big iridescent sparkly disc I've had for a long time, a blue sapphire Pandora type bead (husband birthstone), and my story locket. My story locket is backwards in this picture, you can see it better in the picture below. This is my travel one, with various beads and a camera, a suitcase, an anchor, a plane, and other tiny little dabs of this and that.

this picture was made a couple of years ago, on a different beach

I love story lockets! Here is my new one:
this one has a rainbow ring of stones around it

just a few sparkly stones in this one so far, our children's birthstones
my new dress--I do love that plum color for Fall!

Saturday's visit to the thrift store brought me these treasures:

this pretty blue and white bowl, and it's a BIG ONE!
This will hold ten lbs. of "tater" salad for the next big holiday!--Labor Day!

this HEAVY clear glass paper weight with the feathery angel inside. I photographed her on a red towel--hoping you could see the detail--look at her sheer wispy dress! HOW DO THEY get something like this inside glass!?
A heavy chunk of glass! LOL I kept wiping it down and wiping it down---kept seeing dots all over it and thought "oh no, the glass is all scratched". When I finally looked closer I saw that all the "dots" were really pretty little STARS all around the angel! ha ha LOL

the angel inside is like a 3-D effect and when you look at it on different sides, it's like a different view--I LOVE THIS THING!!---IT IS SO PRETTY! Do any of you have anything like this? It's about 8 inches tall.
We ventured out for a quick trip to the grocery store for just a few items, and then hurried home in the storm. There is coconut cream pie in the icebox for dessert!

............and that was our weekend and our Monday evening!

 Hope everyone is doing well and no one or their family has been affected by the hurricane? What we are seeing on the news looks so bad-our thoughts and prayers are still with those who were in the path of that storm and those still affected by power outages, home/property loss, injury, flooding, etc.

UPDATE: It wasn't until the next day when it hit me--"bam!", like these things sometimes do. I wrote my post about some of our latest comings and goings, and what we've been up to, including this weekend. It happened to be summer raining Monday, and anyone who knows me knows how I enjoy walking about in the summer rain...so I didn't think twice about posting the above pictures and even the old Eddie Rabbitt song, which is one I always loved. The next day---like I said "bam!"--it hit me I probably shouldn't have posted anything about RAIN OF ALL THINGS with the tragedy unfolding in Texas. What was a very nice warm gentle thunderstorm here in our neck of the woods is not how it is looking down in Texas, and so far that--I must apologize and surely  hope I haven't offended anyone by my bad timing....like I said, I truly didn't even think of it AT ALL until the next day. It surely wasn't intentional on my part at all. Thoughts and prayers are still with anyone in the midst of this awful awful tragedy.