"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Raggedy Annie and Summer Rain

On a hot rain filled summer day we went in search of supper! We ended up at this deli, we love it here. The food is really good and the service is great.

I think every child should have a "Raggedy Ann or Andy" doll. They are soft, traditional, easy to pack, classic, easy to wash and dry, they don't break, and they are just plain fun! When I was a little girl and even when our kids were growing up, Raggedy Ann dolls were still common. 
With her bright red hair, big happy smile, and striped legs and soft cloth body, Annie is just so loveable!
Evidently, they have "gone out of style" and are now next to impossible to find. When I asked for them at a toy store a few years ago, the clerk looked at me with a clueless expression and  like "a WHAT kind of doll?....we have Bratz dolls!?" LOL
I've had several Annies for many many years and recently found a nice one in still good condition for granddaughter, plus I found some Raggedy Ann books. so I wrapped them all up and gave them to her, then I read her the books.
Here's some pictures from the pages. I just love big bright colorful children's books.

I had the Reuben and it was delicious!

 Neat things to look at on the walls:

That's a big one!

She loves to fix and pose the dolls, Tansy/Barbies, ponies, Annies, whatever we are playing with that day---- she gets them "just so" and then she has me make the pictures. Which suits me just fine! ha ha LOL

the Annie in the white dress is my old Annie. The one in the traditional blue dress and apron is her new doll

I taught her how to tell if it's a "real and genuine" Annie doll by looking for the heart under the dress!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm--for an "old fashioned doll" that is "out of style"-----this little girl sure did HAVE FUN with hers!

Here is granddaughter playing with my annie when she was a baby---about 6 months old---she loved the big bright happy smile on the Annie and would laugh and giggle so much at it!:

The very first time we were out and "playing Annies" somebody said "oh you have Raggedy Annie!"---you should've seen the look on Granddaughter's face.....ha ha LOL! She was like "Ma-Maw----how did they know my doll's NAME!?"  I told her Annie is FAMOUS. LOL!

We were going through the drive through for fast food a week or so later and a lady said "oh I see Raggedy Annie! We played with those a long long time ago!---the little girls today, they don't know about the Raggedy-Annie dolls!".....and granddaughter looked at me and smiled.

Do you remember the Raggedy Ann dolls and did you have one?

Monday, July 29, 2019

Out to the Plantation

(edit added today, at end)
On a recent trip to Savannah, we went to see Wormsloe.
This will complete my seven post series about Savannah. The first one was the visit to Savannah's big cemetery- Bonaventure. We also went to Forsyth Park and fountain, the Forsyth Mansion, Daytime Savannah, Savannah after dark, the statues, and today's visit to Wormsloe. You have to drive quite a way out of the city to get to the plantation.

This old plantation was built by Noble Jones, a carpenter who came to Georgia in 1733. The group he was with were the first settlers here from England. The ruins of Mr. Jones old tabby (lime, sand, crushed up oyster shells, and water) house are the oldest standing structure in  Savannah.  

Mr. Jones grew a little bit of everything here...corn, rice, indigo, even silkworms to try and produce silk! He was finally able to make a profit after 1749 by using enslaved people to grow the crops, including many kinds of fruits and vegetables. Later on, Wormsloe was a cotton plantation.

Coming in with me?

The entrance to the old plantation

I was totally fascinated with this place and it's history.
Added today:
the sun was setting when we arrived and the place quickly plunged into blackness. You can see I was lucky enough to catch a tad of the "blue hour" in some of the pictures, before it got dark. This place is way out in an area away from Savannah. There is nobody around! (we were the only people there) The only light was that one little thing hanging from a tree up there, that is it- that I remember. The pictures are not altered in any way shape or form, this is how they came out of my camera. Some are kind of weird, I blame the heat or the weird lighting, LOL! I did see the very clear reflection on the ground of a cross, next to me, on my left, on the ground, I liked that. I'm still trying to figure out what part of the gate made that reflection. I never even noticed that until today, LOL

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Savannah Statues

While walking around the Forsyth area, I stopped to enjoy and photograph some interesting old statues!

Which one is YOUR favorite!?