"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Merry New Year!

 A big Sweet Tea toast to the brand new year!

I love this little muslin bag, because it held that beautiful windchime (made from a fork) with beads and spoons on it, from a special friend. It makes the most sweet dainty little tinkle-bell notes! I do love windchimes, we sure enjoy them.

Tansy showing us her Christmas tree:

Tansy is a great decorator, and she STILL PRANCES around in those HIGH HEELS! How does she do it? (ssssssshhhh---she's in her 60s!)
Tansy trying to decide what to wear for the evening

a special friend sent us these fun glasses!

Tansy finally decided on her New Years Eve dress. She loves glamourous, sparkly ensembles! LOL

(below)Amybelle sure looks excited!

Tracie too!

"Arm Candy" (my dolls never leave home without it, ha ha LOL)

Good-bye, 2023!!

Our new years day supper was rolls this year instead of the traditional cornbread. I did make a big pot of the traditional black eye peas for the holiday though, as usual. I "doctor" up my black eyed peas--I added whole green beans, navy beans, onions, red and green peppers, and the good large butter beans. They cook in the crock pot all day.
(below)...out for a little walk on New Years Day.

But first I wanted to show you my favorite present from Christmas LAST YEAR.

See, I got this beautiful blue and white swan. She's a porch planter.
And she's to plant flowers in and to look pretty in the summer. But, try as I might, and I DID TRY, LOL....I just could NOT put her out on the porch. I loved seeing her and wanted her where I could see her more.
So she ended up on a big shelf in the living room. Now I can look at her anytime while I'm sitting in my chair or watching t.v. I still set flowers in her.

The reason I'm showing you this is because FOR YEARS, I've wanted on of those seahorse bird baths. We've tried EVERYWHERE. 
Every lawn and garden center (they had plastic ones), and all the regular stone/monument places. (where we go for stepping stones, lawn ornaments, and concrete birdbaths. They all told us they are hard to find to order them.)

 Sometimes we spot them in the front yards  in older neighborhoods, but I can't go steal someone's birdbath, LOL. 

Mr. Front Porch finally found me one clear in North Carolina! LOL
I got this beautiful golden seahorse for Christmas and I love it:

and Mr. Front Porch totally surprised me with my beautiful seahorse birdbath I'd been on the look-out for for so many years!

(below)   So here I am on New Years Day, Mr. Front Porch had finished assembling it and putting the birdbath and the other tiers on it. I WAS THRILLED! All those years I kept looking for one, all I'd EVER seen was the bottom 3 seahorses with the bath on top of them. This one has tiers, and I've never seen one like that before. So I was double, no triple (tier), thrilled. Ha ha Ha, LOL
I love it so much.
New Years Day 2024

now, the funny part of this whole story is that swan. Remember the blue and white swan that never made it outside? Well, when Mr. Front Porch asked where I would like my new seahorse birdbath PLACED, I told him "well, I want it where I can always look at it and enjoy it.....kind of like my blue and white swan! How about we put it in the living room!?" You should've seen his face. LOL
(this concrete birdbath is VERY HEAVY)

I hope everyone has had a lovely start to our brand new year and that you had a peaceful and happy New Years Eve.