"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Night Stroll

 After sunset, it's cooler, maybe cooler to go take a walk!

Lamps glow in windows and dogs bark in the distance. We hear a horn blast out in the harbour--a big ship is coming in.

flowers enjoy the cooler night air

one of my favorite fountains, splashing in the dark

........and here's one of my favorite gates!

nope--I'm not cold!-----THIS is what you do to combat the dang "air jaws" skeeters and no-see-ums! You cover everything you CAN.......arms, legs, FEET, neck,  and scalp! LOL

what you wear if you're desperate to get out for a walk! ha ha LOL

got this cute brown leather pocketbook at the thrift store, I love it!

It's suppertime....somebody is out in their back yard, grilling steak! OH, it smells so good!

my beads tonight were big fun fake "pearls" and my seahorse locket!

bright arm candy tonight!

a really old ring......but fun to wear!

spots of light glowing through an old brick open fence

It may be evening.....night skies cool things down only a little---these old bricks absorb the day's high temperatures, and if you touch them....they are still so HOT!
love the bright patina on this ironwork!!

a neat window on this door!

and on we go........what else can I find to show y'all?

that ornate ironwork up there is interesting!

And............on SOME NIGHTS----it's STILL too hot and dang-blasted humid to venture out! LOL So we stay in. I still love Summer. Cooler days will return. Its a good time to read books and watch movies!

we watched a good movie the other night about Elvis. I'd never seen this one! 

It was a pretty good documentary with lots of clips from his movies and the 1968 "come back" t.v. special, as well as the big event 1973 "live via Satellite!" show from Hawaii, which was a pretty "big deal" back then! I think it was maybe the very first concert to be broadcast all over the world via satellite.

There was also footage from a 1977 concert, where he performed "American Trilogy"--I've never seen ANYONE sing that better than Elvis.

(Glory glory hallelujah, His truth is marching on)

Anyway, I think this movie came out in the 1980s, I was surprised I'd never seen it.

we also watched the whole new Season of Virgin River.....wow, they sure left us with a big "cliff-hanger"!!!

How is everyone's week coming along so far?

Monday, August 22, 2022

Big ship

 Hot, hot Summertime....

Summertime has hot and fiery sunsets!

fluffy summer blooms on trees......

and lots of people out walking and enjoying summertime.

Pretty outfits in shop windows and happy dogs out and about in the city.

Late afternoon sunlight hits the buildings and churches

and people scurry about, to and fro......hurrying to get   into air conditioning!

Big big ship in port that day.........It was headed to the Bahamas, I think. I love to check the schedules and see where the ships are off to when they leave our port.

splashing fountains give children something fun to play in and cool off, and young ladies in their light summer dresses are out for the evening.

Piazzas are full of flower baskets and frothy ferns!

the "dog days" of hot August means my hair is clipped UP any old way, to just get it OFF MY neck! LOL. And blouses are wrinkled and water is carried and sandals are worn.

I had ventured out because I wanted to make these pictures of my dolls.

funny---the heat doesn't seem to bother THEM! HA HA

Well, I didn't last too long out in the summer heat, but I DID get the pictures of my dolls that I wanted. LOL

Tracie and Amybelle love their "arm candy" too! LOL

Hope y'all had a real nice weekend, I'll be by later to see what everyone is up to! Who is ready for Fall?