"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Nursery Walk

 95 degrees and sunny!

Wow, I hadn't realized it's been about three whole weeks since I've posted anything! It's been a busy summer time for us!

Today let's go visit a pretty nursery, one of my most favorites!

Soon as I hear and see the  beautiful splashing fountains.....I immediately feel cooler! We have two at our home and I love them! I will enjoy them even more when it cools some, and garden and porch sitting weather has returned!

I also love bird baths, and we have a few! I know our feathered friends enjoy them...they use them daily.

so many paths to follow.......and so many pretty flowers to choose from!

Another one of my favorite garden things........Statues! I love them!

look at those pretty green leaves!

we were looking for some purple Salvia...yay!---we found some!

Little ponds with lilies and pretty things growing in them

We did get the ornamental pepper plant.....it's doing great! First time to grow one of these.

We brought this home with us! love the pretty colors. It has surprised us and grown as tall as my neck so far!---it's HUGE!! SO FUN! I wish I had bought more.....

ooooooo  more STATUES!

Hope you enjoyed this Summertime stroll through the nursery with us today! I love to look at all the flowers and trees and bring some home!


  1. you are brave to go walking in those temperatures. water is just as important for the birds as food. here we have experienced little rain and i always make sure the bird bath is full and i provide extra water for them. the flower are gorgeous, i love strolling through garden centers and taking pictures!!

    i did enjoy this summertime stroll, it has been too hot here for that!

  2. OH, I love that nursery! It surely has a little bit of everything for everyone! I love the fountains and birdbaths and statues too...and then all the pretty flowers! I wish I could afford to do a really pretty garden like that. Right now it is too hot to even go out and pull weeds from my little butterfly garden. Thankfully it has started to rain again so at least they are getting watered! This was delightful. Thank you for taking us along!

  3. Loved all the pictures but especially those with splashing water!

  4. Great pictures. Don't you wish all those pretty colors and plants would magically appear in your landscape? Ours is slowly getting more colorful. Now if this 100+ degree temps and no rain for 3 months don't kill everything we'll be lucky. I'm like you I live water fountains. I'd like to have one for the front and one for the back but that will have to wait. Thanks for the nursery tour.

  5. I love fountains and ponds with little fountains in them, or little falls caused by rocks in the creek. Nice pics. I need to get out more and do things like this. I used to go to the home shows and festivals but I have pulled back from that due to working the venue so much or not feeling well. I have some amazing lights/lamps that I am going to figure out how to make a fountain with.....we will see.