"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, April 27, 2019

In the Easter Garden

Today I'm taking y'all to my favorite garden here in Charleston.....Lets go in!

Follow the sea shells...........
and the pretty tiles..........
Just follow our little fairy-granddaughter...........she knows the way!
.........to my favorite garden of all!
My favorite secret garden is full of delights!

the Beautiful "Water Lady"

things that are cracked, or broken.........yet still full of beauty......
Little bird homes for the feathered friends,
strange creatures that spout water...........
.......and bright art on ancient old bricks.
She loves to gaze into the waters of the fountain

I love the Water Lady! They have not filled her reflecting pool yet for the summer, but when they do, it's just lovely

the "last camellia". I thought the camellias were completely finished for the season, looked up and was surprised to see this one!

Even I gave it a whirl!! LOl LOL After only three spins.....I was too dizzy to continue, ha ha

two of my favorite bracelets

the "small water lady"

She loved her Easter headband I surprised her with! These were the last two in the store that day, so I grabbed them! Time to hide and hunt some eggs!

Afterwards we went for a little walk by the pond to look at the beautiful Peggy Martin roses. Fluffy pink prettiness:
I put on my Easter flower crown too! LOL

so glad y'all joined us today, and hope you enjoyed this beautiful garden as much as I enjoyed showing it to you! I have loved reading all about your Easter celebrations and your spring activities!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Old cars

We often spot neat old cars around the city. I love to photograph them!

I'm not even sure what these things were called? Anyone know?

What is your favorite vintage car?