"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This book was so fun and it made me laugh out loud quite a few times!
The writer and his wife have to make a cross country move from California all the way to Maine and since they run the "Tara Foundation" dog rescue they need to transport all 25 of their beloved rescue pups! Just figuring out how to get them all there is a job in itself. They finally decide to use RVs and people volunteer to help them. 
A very fun read and isn't that cover just ADORABLE??

The weather here is in the 60s yesterday and today. We enjoyed an outing to the park the day before that, when it was even warmer.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ruby Red

Pops of ruby red sure stand out against this little white cottage! 
I LOVE BOTTLE TREES! How bout you?

Are there bottle trees where you live?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

In trying to make healthier food choices  suppers this week have looked like this:

I dont really use 'recipes' for salads...I just add whatever is available. This one had regular iceberg lettuce, raddicio, red leaf lettuce, kale, red peppers, carrots, onion, and a few black olives and tomatoes. 

once mixed it looks more like this:

Topped with some shredded cheese for protein and chopped walnuts for crunch.

I got the cute sturdy colorful plastic salad bowls at Publix. Love them.
I am also giving the green tea a try. So far I dont much care for it, but I have read it is so good for us.

I know that one small square of the good dark chocolate (70% or higher of the cocoa) per day is good for our hearts, so I have mine with a few walnuts which gives me good omega 3s and makes it taste like a really decadent candy bar! I like mine in the afternoon!

Wrapping up some DIYprojects this weekend including this lamp which turned out just like I wanted!



I just love this shade of emerald green!

The fun orange and white lamp shade is from the Dollar Store and was only $5.00. So if you have a drab or boring room an EMERALD GREEN LAMP AND AN ORANGE ZIG ZAG lamp shade will probably liven it right up! 

This week's reading:
This book was so good. It was about a military family and spanned a few eras and three wars. If focuses mainly on two sisters and begins in the 1930s and goes up to the early 80s.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Homemade Scrubs and Soaks I made and gifted away for Valentine's Day

new kitchen towels always cheer things up!

the last of the winter decor. Time to put it away and start getting out the Spring items!

Whats new your way?

Friday, February 21, 2014


Another warm and sunny 80 degree day here in the Lowcountry! Spent as much of it as we could outside soaking up all that SUNSHINE! Sure felt good

So tell me....would YOU  brave these stairs? I made this picture in December and it appeared that there were people living up there in that upper apartment of this downtown Charleston house!

(above)...our pretty little pansy. She burst forth right around that ice storm and has been going strong ever since!

Perfect weather for a drive on Sullivan's Island!

and to watch the ships glide on by! Poes and the other restaurants all doing a great business on days like this

So glad for the spring weather!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Put the Chocolate in the Pantry!

With our temperatures hitting a balmy and beautiful 82 degrees today, my thoughts have definetly shifted to spring.

Like so many, I made a little 'hot chocolate station'  this winter. It was neat to have it all set out at the ready for us or guests at any time. The mix, extras like nutmeg and cinnamon, candy canes in assorted flavors as well as peppermint, miniature marshmallows, etc. Kept a pot of hot water at the ready....and it was nice.

Time to put it away!

I found the pretty printed paper napkins at the Party Store.

Returned this stack of books to the library:

They were all great! "BEG" will change your life, it was amazing. And Fannie Flaggs newest was her best ever, I think! Anyone else like her books? I have loved her books since the beginning.
My roses from Valentine's Day are still thriving!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Made for the Sea...Lets set them Free

Below is a link to some interesting articles about SEAWORLD.

 I thought I would  give my readers who might stop by something interesting to read and look at!


So...did any of y'all catch CNN's film "BLACKFISH" when it aired? and have any of you read this book yet?

I am so in love with these huge and majestic creatures and just hate to see them in CAPTIVITY. It is such a shame. They are created and MEANT to swim the seas, don't you think?

click below for 'BLACKFISH' TRAILER


...ps I think the trailer for this film is very powerful and  too strong for young children okay.