"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, September 30, 2019

Art Gallery

Lovely art gallery. I wanted to show y'all how little fairy granddaughter's art she made for me is being displayed here!! Isn't this exciting??!
She will be so proud!!----see it? up there in the right hand corner??
Don't think any art work by a little artist THIS YOUNG has ever been featured here.......
Awwwwwwwwwww, yes.......it's only there because a loving Ma-Maw propped it up there  in the window...............
Oh, well, fun to imagine, LOL! And she will like the pictures!

There are always lovely paintings displayed here at this gallery. Of course, I would pick fairy granddaughter's any day!
Happy Monday, Y'all and hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Elvis and the Oldies

This reproduction Victrola record player was my Christmas present from Mr. Front Porch two Christmases ago. I just love it, it's so fun! Can anyone guess which album this is?

Yes, it's Elvis' "Moody Blue" album, from 1977, I think it was. I think that is also the summer Elvis passed away.
 At the time, I was fascinated how they made the record blue, it was neat and different. I played this poor thing to pieces, LOL, and I got it out when I got my record player, and yes, after all these years, it still played just fine.

I even remembered the words to some (most!)of the songs! LOL
Thinking of blue records brings to mind a few other songs...I remember "red roses for a blue lady"--was that Bobby Vinton? And a song that sang "she wore bluuuuuuuuuue velvet"---who was that?!
I also remember the Beatles "white album" and it wasn't white, ha ha LOL. It was a two album set if I remember correctly?
That brings to mind that melancholy song "knights in white satin"...who was that?? Oh yes, the Moody Blues I think?I also called it "knights in white satin" and maybe it actually was "NIGHTS in white satin"??
 Anyone  know for sure? LOL
 That's weird, as that is the name of the Elvis album(moody blue) I was writing about, and here I am writing about the Moody Blues.. ha ha LOL Well, anyway, I played this record to pieces. ha ha
Didn't Neil Diamond sing "song sung blue"?
Another one of my favorite old songs about color was "Green Tambourine", loved that song!
And there was "yellow Submarine" by the Beatles. 
I don't know why, but I kept a good many of my old records. I've carted them around throughout the years, through many many moves. We all know, "records" went out of style long long ago, LOL.
(David Cassidy did a dreamy version of "Cherish" for sure!)

 I guess I hung onto some of mine for just sentimental reasons...and now I'm so glad I did as they play just fine on my new "old" record player. ha ha It plays albums, cassettes and the radio too.

yes, I sure did love the Partridge Family!

Daydream Believer---what a pretty song!!

Remember "8-tracks"? I had that in my car, LOL! I didn't save any of those. They were big and bulky and you could buy storage boxes and carry cases for them. Big heavy clunky things. I even remember when "walkmans" first came out, ha ha, do you? LOL

Y'all remember "45's"? I saved my allowance and babysitting money (it was 50 cents AN HOUR BACK THEN, y'all! ha ha LOL) to buy all the newest 45's. So I had a huge collection. They were small and pretty portable, we would carry stacks of them to slumber parties and share.  You had to put some kind of an adapter on your record player to get it to play 45's.
And we had to buy needles, ha ha LOL!!--record player needles wore out and had to be replaced from time to time.
Oh yes I sure did love my Partridge Family!--Shirley, Susan, David and all the rest.
....and the Cowsills!!---the family the show was based on! They had some great songs! (like that "flowers in her hair, flowers EVERYWHERE!! happy happy HAPPY" song! They had such nice harmonies...... And little Susan Cowsill, oh my gosh SHE COULD DANCE! She was adorable.

to see Susan and her family performing, click here:
the Cowsills performing

So cute in her little white knee socks, ruffled blouse and ruffled wrists, and white skirt!!
Goodness, she could dance circles around anyone else on that stage, couldn't she? Very confident for such a young girl.
 That was probably my favorite Cowsills song---Indian Lake.
Some of this old music, the "bubblegum music"---well, it just makes you happy, doesn't it?
Do you remember Paul Revere and the Raiders? The Monkees? Lulu? Petula Clark? the Left Banke?the Fifth Dimension? The Carpenters? The Turtles? The Buckinghams? Three Dog Night? the McCoys? the Association? Dionne Warwick? the Hollies? The Lemon Pipers? the Temptations?Spanky and our Gang? the Lovin Spoonful? the Byrds?

Old songs you loved? Old records you still treasure?

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


(but sometimes you hear scary noises in there!)

I just LOVE Charleston cabs--they are THE BEST!

Clothes not ready--I'll stop back by tomorrow!

That Tansy!--You never know where she'll pop up next!......

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Fall is officially here and although it's still hot here, there are touches of Autumn all round town for us to enjoy!

Wisteria seed pods

tried to find some "fall colors" to wear!
and I wore my gold leaf earrings for the first time. I had been saving them for Fall. My Mother gave me these last Fall. I treasure them even more now as we lost her just in January. I miss her so much. There is also a matching necklace, you can kind of see it in the picture of me standing by the flowers.

just a little bit of plumbago left blooming
Got out my Fall/winter pocketbooks! I love that part, changing out accessories, hats, pocketbooks, etc.---but I do hate putting away my straw summer  pocketbooks!

Big windowboxes blazing with Fall colors!

To us here in the Lowcountry, Fall also means Hurricane season:

Fall is a great time to enjoy some magazines on a cooler evening. I'm a new subscriber to Birds and Blooms, do any of y'all get this one? I love the pictures. Some good articles too.

I just finished this book, it was awesome, I loved it!
......and to help me read those books!...........----
Fall also brought eye exam time and I got new glasses. Can you tell the old ones from the new ones?! Lol That's because I truly loved my old frames and just wanted the same thing---but I did have to get new lenses. Because of warranty issues etc.--I couldn't get the new lenses put into the old frames. Luckily I was able to find frames almost identical to the old ones I liked so much, which made me happy. Look--I even got a "fancy brand"....ha ha ha LOL. Not because I'm into "brands" at all ( I could care less, ha ha)--these were just the ones that matched closely. LOL

What's Fall like in your neck of the woods?