"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Purple blossoms

 Welcome Summer! Here it is almost July already!

Even with the sweltering heat and the humidity, I still do love Summer.  I DON'T like the dang "skeeters" and "no-see-ums" which float around noses, eyes, ears and then aggressively, with their high pitched little "whrrrrr-wheeee" zoom!--in for the attack. LOL Dang varmits!

the Spring season in Charleston is always welcomed by the pretty purple wisteria so we took Fairy Granddaughter out to see it.

Beautiful big horses were out clomping, clomping, clomping down the old city streets of our city, just like they have done for hundreds of years now.

It was a lovely spring day, not so dang HOT YET! What a pretty white horse!

Beautiful yellow blooms of lady banks roses wrap themselves all around the decorative posts at the Rutledge House.

we see patches of Wisteria in several different places and hot pink azaleas peeking through this fence

Fairy Granddaughter LOVES to walk about the city, exploring and seeing all the sights. She knows the sights and scenes will ALWAYS be different from day to day and month to month. I love to see what SHE spots too....and see things from her perspective.

flame bright leaves against a brilliant blue sky!

a lovely old piazza to while away a sunny afternoon! A peaceful place to doze a little, read a book, doze a little more....and watch the world go by....

bright greenery spilling out of ancient stones

Tracie (my doll) and Star (her doll) are still decked out in their St. Patricks Day ensembles!

and then we come upon my favorite spot to see the yearly Wisteria. It's always so pretty here. Lots of people make pictures here, and I've seen lots of brides pose in front of it in their wedding gowns.

Speaking of brides, we saw this one arrive in the fancy car and head into the churchhouse on her wedding day. Fairy Granddaughter loves to see the brides and bridesmaids all dressed up in their pretty dresses and the bouquets.

the dress has lots of lace. It's so gorgeous!

and in she goes.....to meet her selected groom at the flower trimmed altar, to pledge their vows and begin their new lives!

one of the most photographed doors on this street

lots of pretty things to see and make pictures of today!

love all the different textures in this picture!

a closer view

love this ornate ironwork atop this gate

moss and ferns and weeds and blossoms! Our cyclamens are doing so good this spring/summer!We have pink ones and red ones.

yep, you just never WHAT you'll see walking along our city streets!

NOT a good choice of shoes for our old streets!

Fiery leaves flash color in the sunshine

we hadn't walked down Philadelphia Alley in a while, so we ventured down that. I told her a little about the history here, and the duels fought.

Peeking into the back room of one of the theaters.....saw lots of amazing stage costumes!

bright red bottle brush trees in bloom--I think these are so unusual and so neat!

they look like scarlet caterpillars!

shadows play on old old bricks

restaurants and shops have their doors open.....welcoming your business

So glad you walked along with us today, on this purple Wisteria day!
The Wisteria time has now faded into the heat of Charleston summer!