"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

A little park

I made these pictures in Wraggborough late last summer, I believe.

Pretty little park that sits in front of this church. It's a great place to sit and watch people passing by, and to eat a sandwich and drink a cold iced tea!

this is also where all the pretty daffodills come up each Spring and I come over here to photograph them

Mr. Hawk is watching us....well.....like a hawk! ha ha

...........and totally  unrelated to this post, LOL, but does anyone else stop to look at a newly opened bowl of butter? (before knives and spoons get gouged into it??) -----It's swirled so pretty!!

and those butters below? They are so fun to toss into a big hot bowl of mashed "taters" and watch them melt! LOL (yes, I am easily amused, ha ha LOL)
these were Easter ones. We had little Christmas trees ones for Christmas

Do you do much baking and if so, what is your "specialty"? I've been baking cakes, and I think it's time to make a big batch of homemade BISCUITS!! Been a long time since I did that.


  1. Good Evening my friend!!! Love your pictures of the flowers and the park and the butter!!! I buy my butter by the pound of four quarter sticks, so they don't ever look like that. But if they did, I'd enjoy it too! LOL. I Love the bunny butter, and we had a turkey butter for Thanksgiving. Fun stuff! Hope you are doing well. We went to Corky Bells for lunch yesterday! I will share some pictures tomorrow in my post. It was a lovely day on the river! It's very HOT here now! We need rain! Take care my friend. Lily Grace sends her love to everyone.

  2. P.S. Biscuits always sound good with butter and jelly! LOL.

  3. I am not a good cook but I do what I need to do to make meals and entertain. Tomorrow I am going to bake a sour cream pound cake - I have a big bowl of fresh fruit and a tub of whipped cream. So it will be a Win! WIN!! in combining the two! Or three! Cake, cream and fruit!

  4. Pretty park and what a great shot you got of the hawk. Like Pamela I buy my butter in a tub as well but it is not swirled as much as this one. Never have seen butter in the shape of a bunny.

  5. Oh how I adore cone flowers!~ Your pictures are wonderful. And I love butter and I'd love to use butter sculptures in my mashed taters except I melt the butter first, in some milk, in the microwave! Wragg Square is just divine. xoxo

  6. beautiful cone flowers!! i love the sculpted butter, i like the turkeys for thanksgiving!!

    1. i didn't answer your question about baking...i love to bake and my specialty is probably cookies first and then cupcakes. i bake a bit!!

  7. Yes, the butter in a container looks so cool. What a really cool place to visit and take a walk. Love your park.