"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Out in the countryside


When it's just too HOT and summer-muggy to walk about, we like to take long drives out into the country! If you get on these old country roads---there is lots to see!

I love finding interesting old places like this:

On a hot summer day I bet this place was lively with folks running in to purchase bait for fishing, and lots of ice for coolers full of Coke and root beer.
I can almost hear the music.......
You could buy a loaf of Sunbeam bread too, to make bologna sandwiches! And don't forget a big bag of "tater" chips, and maybe some Fritos.
The sign says "BBQ" too....so I bet tangy hot BBQ sandwiches could be bought, with ice cold cold slaw, "tater" salad and a big sour pickle! sure makes me hungry.LOL
When I spotted this dollhouse, I had to get pictures!

Hope you enjoyed our drive out through the South Carolina countryside today!


  1. Oh I did enjoy the ride and I remember those long country roads looking just that way when we lived in Summerville. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your garden sounds wonderful. Wonder why I can't get zinnia seeds to come up??

  2. I would love to take a ride. I used to do it all the time but with the price of gas these days I just need to stay home. I had 53 miles to go till empty and I put 40 in, it put me barely over 1/2 a tank of gas. Something has to change, between gas and food things are totally nuts. Thanks, yes, it was a white skirt and a black top in the pic. We try to keep the dress at the venue of black and white or black and tan or white and tan. I am a winter clothes person, and I barely ever wear white but its cooler....

  3. That really does look like a doll house....I had to zoom in to make sure! And I used to love driving in the country but not as much any more. Sounds good for some of these hot days ahead though. I put on my long sleeves yesterday and went berry pickin'! I picked blackberries and I'm going to make a cobbler this morning. Want some? Hugs, Diane

  4. Is it really a dollhouse, or a play house? Very detailed and beautiful! The real big house is beautiful too! But wouldn't our little girls love that doll house??? LOL. Yes, I love rides in the country and interesting old places like that BBQ place/store. Wish it was still open! I bet it was a neat old place in the day. Take care and thank you for writing. I'm moving slow today...

  5. Fascinating! And now I am drooling, haaahaa! xoxo

  6. That blue doll house is wonderful! It looks like a real, big house with interesting detail, and it looks worn, like it's been lived in.

  7. long drives are really awesome...the blue house looks like a doll house!!

    1. hi debbi...we live on a river but we are 40 feet up. we have a wonderful view but i am not capable of walking down to the river, or getting back up. we have talked about getting a golf cart but we would also have to build a ramp. it's too bad, as there is a lot of wildlife down there that i would enjoy photographing. the pool is more inviting but the potatoes we make in foil packages are so delicious. red potatoes, sweet onion, lots of salt and butter, that's it. you have to get the hang of cooking them, so they don't burn but the hubs has it down pat and they are really awesome. he puts 3 sliced potatoes in a pack and cooks them 22 minutes!!!

      have an awesome day!!