"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Valentines is here


Happy Valentines Day, Y'all!

Tried to make these pictures after church, but the wind had different ideas, LOL!
it was really whipping it up!

The sky had turned stormy, and big black clouds rolled in. It looked like either a big summer thunderstorm or a blizzard was headed in, LOL

managed to get one half-way decent picture, LOL!

Our church Valentine banquet was this weekend, and it was lovely, we had a great time!

It was a cold, blustery night. The wind blew.
The chilly rain pounded down. We are so glad we went though!

Every lady got a rose as she came in

It was decorated so pretty, and we had a yummy steak supper. Afterwards we played "The Newlywed Game" with couples on stage. It was fun (and funny!) and there were prizes and door prizes too. Lovely evening.

The past two weekends here have been wet wet wet. So much rain.

Rain or shine..........we venture out.

some of the fields are greening up though....spring is on the way!

and after the rains we get the beautiful resurrection ferns on the trees, which turn spring-green and are so delicate and pretty! With no rain, they wither up brown and crispy. When the rain comes, they come back to life.

February sure came in QUICKLY! I blinked, and it was here. LOL This is my new John Sloane calendar. I JUST LOVE IT. The pictures are beautiful. I had never heard of this artist or his work until I saw my friend Pam had one, and I thought "that sure is pretty" so I bought one too! Thanks for sharing it Pam!
I see hollyhocks, I SURE HOPE my hollyhocks grow here out in the country!

Gathered up goodies for Fairy Granddaughter's Valentine box.
There are mermaids, sparkly rings, a new hair-brush,  frilly doilies, pretty Princess press-on fingernails, fun stickers, a Daily Devotions book, and a box of chocolate, among other treasures. All wrapped up in crinkly, crackly Valentine prints cellophane paper.
There were also ALOT of little valentines.Ma-Maw and Pa-Paw.... Tammie and Bindie made one, as did the kitties. Oh, and couldn't forget the lady-hens, so they "scratched" some out too, LOL

all boxed up and fluffed up with shimmery red "icicles" left over from Christmas. LOL I hadn't seen the old fashioned icicles for Christmas trees in YEARS, and Mr. Front Porch spotted a box at the Dollar Store! We always had silver ones on our trees growing up, but they now come in colors.

Tracie and Amybelle have donned their little valentine frocks and are looking forward to some candy hearts......
......and Tansy, Tansy is fancied up in pink taffeta and dotted swiss with a big bow....ready to head to the Ball. She plans to dance the night away. LOL

Hope you have a happy and blessed Valentines Day!