"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

By the Pool

Off on an Adventure!

Yes, this is the best way to travel!

check out my nice fresh manicure! Just love that summery color! Spent all day at the beauty shop, y'all! I got the rinse, the color, the shine, the touch-up, the straightener, the curl, the frost, the mani, the pedi, the WAX! (Lord-have-mercy that hurt!), the eyelashes, the eyebrows, the sea-salt scrub, the hot stone massage, and even a PEEL! Ready to paint the town!

Pausing for a little rest in this nice old tree........
"Mercy sakes alive---it's HUMID OUT HERE TONIGHT!"

Taking off my fancy statement necklace--I see a pool over there! Let's go!

Took a ride, climbed a big tree, got splashed by the pool....and her eyeliner still looks great!--What's her secret!?(sing it ladies!)......MAYBE IT'S MAY-BELL-INE.................LOL
By some water......a great way to end the day!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Window Shopping!

Some days I like to stroll slowly up and down King Street, looking into the shop window, and seeing what is new. 
I do love this Charleston scenes purse!! Oh, yes, I would carry that around all over.

And the umbrella goes right along with it! Definitely needed today! It's really been raining today.

Men's seersucker suits, a classic in the  South. See them in church every Sunday. I do like those men's wild socks! Got Mr. Front Porch some for Father's Day!

 A sweet little antique china figure---a Southern belle with big fancy skirts. I didn't see her price, but she sure looked old.

Some summer dresses

Summer books. We walk past Miss Roehm's home all the time. It's gorgeous! We walk past Miss Altschul's as well, and it is big and gorgeous as well. Hers used to be the Charleston library long ago.


(below) pretty little glass Siamese. I have one that looks almost identical to this, only mine is posed sitting down. 

Pretty rainbow animals!

Cool ties! I love unique ties!

Jewelry always catches my eye!

This would not be easy to move into! But the view up there is awful nice!

I love looking into this antique shop, they always have beautiful things!

Thank you for going window shopping with me today!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hydrangea Time

the big balls of blossoms are HUGE and were spilling all over this fence!

They are so big and gorgeous...........you really can't miss them!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mills House Hotel

Tonight let's go walk to the old Mills House. It was built in 1853 by a a grain merchant named Otis Mills.

It's pretty and pink, and has all that nice ornate decor on the front

Inside the pretty lobby:

A closer look at the chandelier:

The hotel and the surrounding area after the Civil War.....devastation.

My night-time photos were not so great, so I went back during the daytime to get better ones! Here they are!

I wanted this to be a really great picture, but my focus was off. Sigh...........

I love shiny-floor lobbies!

And I LOVE this amazing phone!

and I had a new tunic blouse I'd  been wanting to wear....

A pretty and relaxing spot

the flowers are peeking in! LOL

Here are scenes from another lovely pink hotel in Charleston, the Meeting Street Inn.
They also have a lovely courtyard area where a fountain echoes and flowers and trees grow.

WHOOOSH!!--one of my favorite big scarves

 A big wind was blowing up and raindrops were approaching.....we hurried on home!