"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

this February week

 Not the best pictures.....but the bright yellow splashes of Carolina Jessamine are in full bloom, finally! I've been eagerly awaiting them and hoping to make pictures because they only seem to last a couple of weeks and then that's it.

I think spring is finally here!

and the trees are budding!

this tangerine tree is looking happy!

and we saw the spring's first daffodills 2 days ago.

We are so ready to get our gardens in again!

Valentines day was lovely.

There were cards and candies...........

and presents....

and a pair of sparkly green "emerald" earrings for me, and two new shirts, one a blue flannel shirt, so soft and warm. Cant wait to wear it!
 I also got a few new books I wanted:

I've never read Jenny Hale, but it looks good

Mr. Front Porch grilled us salmon on the grill, on cedar plank. And we had baked "taters". And steaks.
I made "magic cookie bars" for dessert. Remember that old recipe from  the 1970s? We STILL LOVE THEM!!

sugary red heart cookies, enjoyed all last week

And we enjoyed our annual Valentine Banquet at church so much. Good food, music, fun games to play, prizes, and friends to share it with.
and every lady got a pretty red or pink rose

valentine greetings from near and far

My most favorite Valentine:

my favorite because Mr. Front Porch made it on a big red heart shape and covered it with ANIMALS....some of my favorites, chickens, cats and dogs, and donkeys! I LOVE handmade cards and valentines.

Last night I fried up salmon cakes for supper.

and corn on the cob drenched in butter, salt, and parsley.

and we had a gorgeous sunset, the perfect end to a real nice day!

so where in tarnation has February GONE!?

March is marching in real soon!!
howdy, y'all, from Beckie Marie

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

merry valentines!

 Happy Merry Valentines day, Y'all!

goodness, it's been COLD HERE, for our daily walkabouts! Cold enough for jackets, hats AND HOODS ON. Brrrrr

the ladies sure enjoyed some greens that day!!

Callie the Barn kitty follows all over.....
she is fluffy and pouncy

a few eggs!
Fairy granddaughter is studying the Titanic in school, so I found this nice book about the Titanic for her Valentines day present.

It's a child's book, but I enjoyed reading it and learned alot! The pictures were amazing, you could see right into the cabins and how First Class, Second Class, and Third Class travelled, dressed, slept, and ate aboard the great ship.

a really fun book to look at, or give a grandchild.

It's greening up here!! Spring is on her way!
splashes of green by the country roads

yesterday we had an appointment in Charleston

The roadside ditches, and the swamps were full of water

it had been raining since the night before and continued all day off and on.
the gators have not yet awakened for Spring. Soon the big bull gators will awaken, be hungry, and be on the search for a pretty girlfriend. They will thrash and bellow and do the vibrating raindance on their back spines/scales. Now THAT IS something neat to get close enough to see!

 We enjoy the long country drive, even in the rain, it's pretty scenery. We made it to the appointment, and made alot of stops, ran errands, mailed valentine greetings to special people. And stopped at one of our favorite delis in the City for some good sandwiches before the long drive home.
we got our onions planted! yay!

I finished this book this past week and if you like memoirs, you  might like it.

these are waiting in my stack. I finally picked the War Brides one and started it last night. So far it is very good.

Have any of y'all read any of these?
enjoying sweet valentines! These started appearing on my bathroom mirror a few days ago....

Tracie, Amybelle, and Tansy received a special valentine box from a sweet friend yesterday, here they are with their goodies! Fun!
there was something for every doll in that box! Boxes of candy, fairy garden things, little toys. And a beautiful valentine card for Mr. Front Porch and me. Some folks are so sweet!

Hope y'all have a lovely day!