"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Sunny Mothers day

 Welcome, May!! My favorite month!

I wore my Ma-Maw's ring:
and my Mother's pearls, and my white corsage. White because my Mother is now in Heaven. I miss the days of wearing my red corsages for sure.
It was a beautiful and sunny day! Lots of people out enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air!
The horses and carriages and wagons were kept busy all day.

Kids can't resist a sparkling fountain on a warm day!

Going for a walk after church let out:

love this pretty garden! And their pretty hydrangeas!

Not sure if it's true, but I've read this is "the most photographed doorway in America".

pots of pretty flowers adorn doorsteps

and here a bright Mothers Day greeting floats and twirls in the breeze

I always like to stop and look at the different colors and textures on this old wall

my church shoes hurt, so I quickly ran and changed my shoes! LOL! Awww--that's better.

so many pretty old gates to study!

one of my favorite Charleston horses!

The scent of Confederate Jasmine is heavy in the spring air. The dainty white blossoms twist and twirl around posts and trees and tumble over gates and walls. It's all up and down this alley.

I don't know what this flower is.....but it's pretty!
Anyone know what it is??

Hot pink flowers guard doorways and old old bricks begin to warm up in the May sunshine

what a cute old fashioned dress! Love it!

and she had fluffy crinolines under it!

oh I love this lime green and white together!

someone got a nice surprise on this doorstep!

After lunch, we took a drive out to the country to enjoy some peaceful country scenes.

Bindie kept looking over at the left, there was a pond over there, but with that sign above there, we didn't walk over that way! LOL

Tammie and Bindie were glad to get out and stretch their legs! And sniff around.

I had a delicious steak and shrimp supper. I dug in so FAST I forgot to take pictures! But I DID remember to grab a picture of my Mother's Day cheesecake dessert!:

It's that good Biltmore House Vanilla Cheesecake and oh my goodness....it's DELICIOUS! Worth the splurge if you like cheesecake.

Isn't this plate pretty? I picked these up at WalMart a few weeks back. They are Pioneer Woman and so bright and pretty and guess what?---they are plastic! Yay!--they won't break. LOL. Great for picnics.

And last week I picked up this bowl set and for a really reasonable price, (some of her brand seems high priced to me) there are three very nice bowls and they have lids too. I love them.

The bowls are big and strong and colorful. 
We got two hibiscus bushes at Lowes last week and they are blooming like crazy, I enjoy them so much! We get one or two HUGE BLOOMS each day on each bush. They are so pretty, I've wanted some hibiscus for a long time now.

Mr. Front Porch gave me a lovely book for Mothers day and I got alot of sweet greetings and messages, and even a few pretty cards in the mail from friends. I also ordered a book I wanted, so I got two books. And one more present that will arrive this week.
It was a lovely day and I hope yours was as well, and that your week is going great so far. We are getting some rain here now, which is so good for our garden!