"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Living in a "hot zone"

We are told that we are a hot spot now. And that we have over 1500-2200 confirmed new cases per day (with the most being right here in Charleston) and the numbers are rapidly increasing. We are also told that our county has the highest number of deaths.
"stay away from South Carolina--the locals are not taking the virus seriously  " wrote Kathleen Parker in her Opinion piece for the
Washington  Post a couple of days ago.

She also said that social distancing is a joke here.
How is it in your city or town?
 Does it look like ours?

Sunday, July 12, 2020

a hot summer walk

Well, it just keeps getting hotter and hotter here.............so the walks are getting slower for sure. Heat index the past few days up to close to 108. We don't venture too far but at least we are walking every day--at least a little.
This scene looks nice and cool, doesn't it?

Peeking into pretty gardens.......

Enjoying pretty flowers, gardens, and gates.

Here's a pretty little water feature:

Lovely stature hiding out in the greenery

Dinner and a Movie:

Lemon Chicken with angel hair pasta in a lemony creamy sauce-tossed with parsley, peppers, mushrooms and onions. It takes awhile as I marinate the chicken overnight in lemon juice and then you bake it and also prepare the pasta--but it's worth it. LOL

Tonight's movie was "Payback" (1997) with Mary Tyler Moore as a 4 Star restaurant owner who witnesses police brutality late at night outside her restaurant. The corrupt officer she is called to testify against, and who has a long history of police brutality, vows revenge on her. He makes her life miserable and full of fear and even attacks her husband and her adult son. Ed Asner stars as the Internal Affairs lieutenant in the police department  who handles the case.
It was a good movie and I liked it.
Mary Tyler Moore, what a classy lady.

I started this book this week, so far it's really good! Set in the 1940s, my favorite era for movies and one of my favorite eras for books. Anyone read it?
Hope your weekend is going well and everyone IS STAYING COOL!!!