"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, October 27, 2022

a walk in the Spring, and reading in the Fall


I made these pictures back in the Spring and missed getting them posted....

Got one of my favorite spring/summer scarves out.........ready to go for an evening walk! I'm headed out to see what all is blooming today!

Pink dogwood? Cherry tree? Redbud? Who knows?

Oh these are so pretty!

I see fairy stones scattered about!

Plenty of Carolina jessamine left to enjoy but it doesn't last long!

I see more Fairy stones!

the lights are coming on in the city.......

It gets dark quickly. And it will be even quicker after the Time change next week.

fairies have been busy!

lights on the houses......folks settling in for a quiet evening. Tables are set, Suppers are being served, babies are being bathed, kids are finishing their homework, and doggies are going out for "just one more time tonight".

Watched any good movies lately?
We watched "A cowgirl's Song" last night. It was good, it started out slow, but got better as the movie went on. Lots of good country music. The young girls who sang did a great job, beautiful voices, so talented! And Cheryl Ladd did great singing her own songs as well. (I didn't know she could sing!)

Any good Fall reads your way? After that big long history book I read on all summer, (previous post) I've switched to lighter reads! LOL
I had these young adult books set aside for Fairy Granddaughter and got interested in the Evvy's Civil War one. I thought it might be one she would like, but as I was reading along, I could see that it would be best saved for around 7th grade or so.
It was for teens/young girls but I got interested and enjoyed it alot, well written.

So....then I picked up these I'd got for Fairy Granddaughter as well, and got interested in the "Dear America" series of history based novels for young girls. They are great!--and have many stories from many different eras, Civil War, Depression, the 1960s, both World Wars, Pearl Harbor, etc. Good little stories.

A dear friend surprised me with this book! I love watching the old Waltons (began 1972) tv show, about the big rural Virginia family back in the Depression. I loved watching it back "in the day", and I love watching it now. 

pictures from the Author's own family in the book as well

I loved this book, it had so many stories about the show and so many pictures.

Hope your week has gone well, and I'm looking foward to seeing books for those of you who enjoy reading, and movies if you've seen any good ones lately! How is Fall in your area?

Monday, October 17, 2022

Mary's House


Well, it took me almost ALL SUMMER to finish this book. It's a BIG ONE. And full of history. Not really light or easy reading, well unless you love history! ( I do!) LOL

I loved reading about Mary and her family

I found my new embroidered pocketbook at the thrift store---I love it! I love embroidered things---scarves, blouses, pocketbooks, pillowcases and tablecloths.

my copy--I love autographed books

"arm candy" today---my big chunky cheap fun plastic chain bracelets! I wore them alot this summer! They are going with my Fall outfits too.

a glance at some neat arthitecture:

I have photographed this old masonic building many times over the years

curved windows, I think?

there goes a bachelorette party!
 There are dozens of these every weekend and some on weekdays as well

old old bricks in Ansonborough

crowded  streets. Everybody still wearing shorts here this past weekend. It felt pretty hot to me. Not as bad as deep in Summer....but hot. The humidity was down though, yay!

these ladies are taking a break from the heat!

I made these crepe myrtle pictures below back in the late summer. They are pretty much done blooming now.

my zinnias from this summer. They are still blooming!
Happy Monday, hope your week has started off great!