"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Memorial day weekend


Beautiful American flags snap in the hot breezes

so important to remember WHY we have Memorial day

we took a drive to the beach.....flags greeted us there as well

tables are full!

Folks have come in from the salt and sand of the beach, got cleaned up, and now they are pouring into the restaurants, hungry for supper!

I spotted this amazing hydrangea bush!!---it's like a rainbow, with so many colors! (well, that's probably more than just one bush...but still!!)

beautiful yellow lilies are dancing in the sea breezes as well

Folks enjoying the beach:

there was a blazing sunset!

the next day, back in the city:

this doggie enjoying his ride!

Our streets were FULL OF PEOPLE!

outdoor tables.....full of people!

bright buntings, banners, flags decorate our city

bike cabs and carriages were kept busy all weekend

lots of people making pictures........ooooops! gotta fix my shoe!!

there we go! now we're ready! LOL

girls have got out their pretty summer frocks

our streets and parks were full of people enjoying the holiday

Street scenes:

the crepe myrtles have burst into full bloom!

just never know what you'll see on our streets! LOL

my red/white/blue bows! LOL

arm candy bright today! ha ha

I love photographing the pretty windowboxes

our supper included my first big salad bowl of the season:

(before mixing it up)

......and there were lots of delicious cheeseburgers right from the grill!! YUM!
wow, is June really here??!
Looking forward to reading all about everyone's holiday weekend.