"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Zinnias are pretty


Ready to head out for a Fall walk.............

First.,...a stop in the kitchen garden and we have alot of peppers! Yay!

Rocking chairs are ready for us if we are tired!

Pretty old fashioned porches and arches into colorful gardens

Flower pots are full and vines tangle up this trellis

pretty little plumbago porch--love the blue blossoms!

the old gateposts are so tall!

today's "arm candy" LOL

a gorgeous blue door with a cheerful Fall wreath

my beads today--the big blue beads I bought at a thrift store about 24 years ago, I still wear them and love them. The smaller strand is a necklace My Mom gave me years ago as well.

My favorite part of today's walk:

who is that peeking out?! LOL

I loved seeing this zinnia garden! There were ALOT of pretty blooms!

Look what HGTV put in one of their recent magazines................
That's a pretty BIG GOOF, LOL!! and it went to print...and into thousands of magazines. Maybe their proofreader was on vacation...

dinner and a movie:
We've been entertained by a few good movies this past week.
First up was "Keeping Secrets", the true Suzanne Somers story, I think this was a 1991 tv movie. It was pretty interesting as I had known nothing at all about her or her background/history until this movie. I pretty much just knew her from Three's Company from the 1970s t/v show. Suzanne plays herself in this movie.

The Danielle Steel movie was a 1995 t/v mini series and it lasted about 4 hours. I loved it! I loved the era it was set in, and the amazing costumes. Melissa did a great job portraying a wealthy and priveleged young woman's life story (cousin to the Czar) during the Russian Revolution, through WW1 , the Depression and WW2 as well. There's plenty of drama, history, and romance so of course I loved it.
I really like Melissa Gilbert and will watch all her movies, she's played alot of great roles over the decades.

This was a 1998 tv movie with Lynda Carter. She plays a widow who loses her son, and then unexpectedly finds love again. It was based on a 1994 Lavyrle Spencer novel.

This 1999 movie is about an abused young white girl who is taken in by a  kind hearted African American couple. The movie is set somewhere in Tennessee in the WW2 era. I love pretty much anything Della Reese is in, she's a great actress. It was a great movie--I enjoyed it.

And finally, if you are local and see sweet little Maggie kitty will you please help her to get home to her Mommy?
Happy weekend everybody!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Let's go outside!


"It's a pretty Fall day......let's go outside to play!"

Look out everybody---here comes Tracie!

I got my dolls some new Fall outfits so of course I took them out to make pictures! LOL

oh my goodness just look at the "arm candy" on these two! LOL Hmmmm-wonder where they learned that? ha ha

Amybelle gets her turn on the scooter

So........off we head on our walk. I just love to see yellow cannas!

This big swooping sweeping circling piazza is so pretty!

The soft sound of splashing fountains is all up and down the street--gentle and relaxing.
another pretty arrangement

Let's follow Tracie....see what pretty sights we can see today......

fresh sidewalk cement always brings kids to write their names and other things

those flowers are NOT PLANTED there.....they spring up in the sidewalk crack every summer! They are determined to grow there, I think that's so neat!

signs of Fall are now appearing on doorsteps and porches

Someone is growing lemons up there!

This post is leaning, leaning , leaning!

"I'm having so much fun! I hope y'all are too! I love looking for fountains and flowers!"

"let's go all the way to the end.....and see what's down there!"

Does anyone know what this pretty pink vine is???
the bees love it!

The late afternoon sun is casting a golden glow all about

old paint, old bricks, old textures.......I love to photograph these

my beads today----the green beads I got about 20 years ago, and the gold leaf necklace my Mother gave me on our very last shopping spree we had together. We had alot of fun that day!

I'm plum worn out and even the DOLLS are tired, so that ends our walk for today. Hope y'all enjoyed seeing some interesting things and that your week will be safe and happy!

Remember to have fun!!