"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Let's go outside!


"It's a pretty Fall day......let's go outside to play!"

Look out everybody---here comes Tracie!

I got my dolls some new Fall outfits so of course I took them out to make pictures! LOL

oh my goodness just look at the "arm candy" on these two! LOL Hmmmm-wonder where they learned that? ha ha

Amybelle gets her turn on the scooter

So........off we head on our walk. I just love to see yellow cannas!

This big swooping sweeping circling piazza is so pretty!

The soft sound of splashing fountains is all up and down the street--gentle and relaxing.
another pretty arrangement

Let's follow Tracie....see what pretty sights we can see today......

fresh sidewalk cement always brings kids to write their names and other things

those flowers are NOT PLANTED there.....they spring up in the sidewalk crack every summer! They are determined to grow there, I think that's so neat!

signs of Fall are now appearing on doorsteps and porches

Someone is growing lemons up there!

This post is leaning, leaning , leaning!

"I'm having so much fun! I hope y'all are too! I love looking for fountains and flowers!"

"let's go all the way to the end.....and see what's down there!"

Does anyone know what this pretty pink vine is???
the bees love it!

The late afternoon sun is casting a golden glow all about

old paint, old bricks, old textures.......I love to photograph these

my beads today----the green beads I got about 20 years ago, and the gold leaf necklace my Mother gave me on our very last shopping spree we had together. We had alot of fun that day!

I'm plum worn out and even the DOLLS are tired, so that ends our walk for today. Hope y'all enjoyed seeing some interesting things and that your week will be safe and happy!

Remember to have fun!!


  1. i LOVE that front porch/balcony that goes on forever!! the iron gate the last three pictures and the lemon tree. i want to try growing one here in the house. i will have to google that!!

    you look good debbi, with your jewels...i am not a jewelry person but it always looks good on you!!!

  2. Oh Debbi, I just now saw this post! I am sorry I didn't see it sooner. I LOVE the girls' fall outfits and that SCOOTER!!! That is so cute!! I can see that Tracie and Amybelle will be having LOTS of fun with that! Lily Grace just saw it and of course said, "I want a scooter", but we don't have any paved sidewalks and places for her to ride it...so she probably wouldn't get to use one much. But you know how kids are!! LOL. I love the pictures of all the beautiful houses and flowers and YOU and your lovely necklaces. That gold leaf one from your mother is really really special. You look so pretty and "fall-ish". Lovely post.