"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Summer Reads

Why do I have two copies of Afton Villa?

Because I bought myself a copy and fell in love with all the beautiful pictures of this Louisiana garden, and the story of who started this garden back in the 1800s. I loved it so I went and bought a dear friend a copy to send her for her birthday!

The huge forty room Victorian plantation home burned to the ground in the 1960s. The once beautiful gardens deteriorated and fell apart. The place was full of ashes and weeds. The whole place sat there in ruins until a couple purchased it and began to restore it in the early 1970s. The book shows what they did and how they did it.
well, my photographs don't do the book justice..........sigh
Awwww, look at the precious little girls dancing around the May Pole!
The beautiful estate is now open to the public and has lovely restored gardens full of cherry trees and azaleas, and about 20 acres of gardens, including the famous "ruins garden". It looks like a very interesting place to visit.--Who wants to go with me? ha ha LOL

I finished "Daisy and the Six" and "Swimming for Sunlight". Both great summer reads. "Swimming" was loosely based on the famous Weeki Wachee Mermaids that I love so much, and also had a sweet dog in the story who suffered from really bad anxiety. It was a quick and enjoyable read, set in present day Florida.

Haven't read these two yet. Have any of you?

Have never read this author, have any of you?

All by Hazel Gaynor, I discovered her this summer and loved her historical type books!

I finished "Wartime Sisters" last night. I loved it!
I've never read Nancy Thayer, so looking forward to the "Secrets in Summer" one!

I was on the wait list for this one at the library for quite awhile. It finally came in last week. I finished it a few days ago. I loved the story and the characters,(story about three women, one a freed slave) and the time period( 1920s South Carolina I think it was).I hung in til the end because I wanted to see how it all ended up but some parts of this book were pretty weird.

Well, this book is about fairies, so I took it outside to photograph it with fairies! LOL

Isn't she sweet??

Here I am with the little fairies, LOL!
Beads today--are my turquoise color beads with the circles woven in. I got this necklace for my birthday last year

So far I've read a few chapters of the Drew Barrymore book
I picked up this Belva Plain book at the thrift store this week. I used to love her books! I read alot of her back in the 80s and 90s, I believe? This one has three whole novels in it and it sure is a big heavy book! LOL!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Summer Summer Sunday

Colorful summer flowers blooming on this Sunday morning:

After church it was actually cool enough for a short walk!

We had to stop and admire these big beautiful ferns! Aren't they gorgeous?!

"The sound of a sleepin city sidewalk
and Sunday mornin comin' down...."
....Kris Kristofferson


A sweet little sea girl has come ashore to walk the sidewalks and touch the bright blossoms.....

A blue and green sparkly pendant, an old rhinestone cross, and my tiny pearls
Let's peek into a few secret gardens, shall we?

We may see old time worn statues and birdbaths, or perhaps some fun bird houses!

Summer blooms against porch rails........
........and flowers against old old bricks.
A big splash of color over here!
I first glimpsed it through these big brick posts:

A quiet fountain bubbles and babbles

Well, it's warming up, y'all! I have taken off my hat and my sweater.

Beautiful cold marble steps
.........and a pretty pink door!

A lovely and quiet old fashioned southern porch, a flag flying, birds singing their Sunday songs, butterflies darting about.  Palm fronds rustle and roses swish in the light breezes.  A porch chair softened with an old faded quilt beckons......and frozen ice cubes clink in a clear iced coffee glass.

I'm too drowsy to even eat lunch.........think I'll sit here and sip my sweet creamy coffee and just doze.............for awhile............and a while longer......hope y'all had a lovely Sunday as well!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Dolls in the Window

They changed out the doll display at my favorite doll shop, so I stopped to look and to make pictures.

Aren't they just gorgeous?

This must be the "princess" area....I see Elsa, and Anna, and Snow White!

Look at all the fluffy little outfits!

this one looks like Jan Brady to me!--the long blonde braids, the glasses?!

Tiny red pocketbook for an evening on the town perhaps?

Gorgeous white lace bride doll!

Those little pink sandals are adorable! They didn't have those for dolls when I was a little girl!

big yellow princess dress for Princess Belle?

Many hours of play time fun here for little girls......and little girls at heart!
Did you keep your childhood dolls?