"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, March 30, 2018

Cigar Factory

The Old Cigar Factory was originally a cotton processing plant where hundreds of workers spun raw cotton into finished cloth. The building was built around 1881.

In 1903 Roi-Tan opened the building as a cigar factory, hiring about 1000 workers. 

The plant closed in 1973 and today houses offices, including the office of one of my favorite magazines--Garden and Gun.

 I think some units either were or will be soon converted into condos. They will sure be awesome with the huge windows and the original old brick walls!
I like how this picture turned out because of the clouds reflected in the windows:

Ok...Now how am I going to get a good picture of these towers???

Look at all the mess of jumbled wires!

I just had to keep getting closer and closer and then be practically underneath them----

and then I got the picture I wanted!
The blue sky and white clouds were perfect for this picture on this day.

You dont realize until you zoom up on it how much detail the old brick has and that there are plants growing from the top up there!

There were also lots of birds flying in and out.
The picture is out of focus but this is another view of the towers with our big bridge right in between them. Mr. Front Porch spotted this one for me. I thought it was cool too.
How has your week been and has Spring arrived in your neck of the woods yet?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

a March walk

they do look alot alike!--Bindie is the one on the steps!

Lots to see today.................

check out those HUGE PAWS!!

my beads today---black beads. Granddaughter calls them "black pearls". Also my  newest cameo. I love cameos!
Anyone else like old fashioned cameos??

Love the colors!

Bindie didn't know what to think of the long city walks at first. She is adapting quickly though. She is so sweet and well mannered and gentle. I love her so much already. It's a joy to welcome a new member into our pack and so fun to get to know her!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Bright Colors

I love walking down this alley and looking at all the colorful murals!

The sun is setting..........time to head home.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the murals with me today!