"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, November 6, 2017

Garden Party

"Her cat bounded along beside her as she tottered past flowers taller than she.

Musicians were playing in the neighbor's yard where a number of guests had collected, luring her ever onward to the garden gate. 

Through the ornate filigree adorning the iron barrier she espied several couples swirling about the marble terrace adjoining the elegant mansion.

Entranced with a child-like fascination for fairy tales, knights in shining armor, and beautiful ladies, she watched the graceful dancing, her small body swaying to the music. 
Her cat purred as it brushed against her skirts. Inquisitively the animal turned to peer into the adjoining garden, and then, with lithe grace, leapt through the bars. 

The feline paused to investigate a recently tilled flower bed near the opening before sauntering leisurely onward to other areas....
.....by slow degrees nearing the cluster of people who sat in a group near one corner of the terrace.

"UH-OH--keep that cat away from me!!"

Suddenly a loud barking rent the peace, and a large dog raced across the lawn toward the cat, who hissed in sudden fear and scurried to the safety of several large, encompassing shrubs, through which the canine could not readily pass. Frantically searching for an opening, the dog raced back and forth in front of the bushes until a loud whistle drew his attention. A tall, young man with short cropped black hair strode into view and issued a brusque command, sending the dog lumbering back toward the house where a servant put him on a leash. The  nice man squatted near the shrubs  and coaxed the cat out of hiding, until it came into his arms where it purred contentedly beneath the long gentle strokes of his hand.

Tossing a glance toward the gate the gentleman broke a flower from it's stem and came forward with a grin. Smiling into the aqua-blue eyes that watched him intently through the bars, he swung open the iron portal and stepped through. He whisked the animal to the ground and then, with a gallant bow, offered the flower to the little girl. Smiling timidly, she accepted the young knight's gift and sampled it's fragrance. The petals tickled, and she wrinkled her nose as she giggled. Leaning her head far back, she peered up at the one who loomed over her.  The early afternoon sun shimmered behind his head, and the brilliance of the halo around his dark head made her squint and rub her eyes. 
Yawning, she dropped her head and fingered the petals as she examined the pretty flower. "Looks like it's your nap time, little miss" the handsome knight remarked with a chuckle. "Perhaps I could take you back to your parents before you fall asleep out here."
Bending low, he lifted her up into his arms and followed the winding trail back toward the neighboring mansion."
Kathleen E. Woodiwiss 2000
(Excerpt from one of Kathleen's novels)
And the knight, of course, was the little girl's Pa-Paw. And they all lived happily after!
a dance with Pa-Paw


  1. It's magical! I love a story that takes me away to another place...and time. And I can wear pretty white dresses and DANCE! Enjoy your day sweet friend and thanks for the 'once upon a time'. Hugs, Diane

  2. you found some really special, beautiful things to photograph. that's a great passage, very intriguing!!!

  3. This is just enchanting -- a wonderful story. (And I loved the orange cat, like Gypsy!) Beautiful illustrations and so pretty!

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