"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, August 26, 2023

happy hour orange

"The month of August had turned into a griddle where the days just lay there and sizzled....."  

                                                                                                .....Sue Monk Kidd

 time for Happy Hour! This is our happy hour, in the garden towards the end of another scorching heat filled day, or on the porch.

Supper bowls treats ready for the ladies.....yes, I spoil them. LOL They love kale, CORN, bits of most any meat especially ham or hamburger, (and TUNA!) scrambled eggs, rice. We don't waste anything here. And on these sweltering hot summer days....they enjoy ice cold watermelon bits. I love chopping and preparing their bowls, I find it very relaxing.

(above)....that's my newest "baby", Rose. I think she's right at 16 weeks old now. She grew much faster than the hens in our first flock. Sadly, we lost her sister, Blanche last week.

Rose and Blanche, just hatched

.....and (below)...their last picture together

"a garden should be a sanctuary. It should push back the wilderness and be an intimate place.....safe from lions and elephants, whatever was out there. "   .....Swindler

At one time, somebody planted a perfect straight line of daylilies out in a field. Don't know who, or what year it could've been.  They are heavily threaded and choked with weeds, but still I asked Mr. Front Porch to not mow them down until we were SURE. Sure enough, last week, a big white one bloomed.

my old maids....in many colors

SO STYLISH!! ha ha One of my typical "garden get-ups". LOL!! ha ha. Always tucking pants or pedal-pushers into big long black or white socks, trying to ward off the "skeeters". I often wear big black boots over those, but this day I was in my dirty old garden/chicken coop clogs.
 Normally I use long sleeves too, so they don't bite up my arms. On extremely bad days, we wear headnets to work in the garden or chicken coop. We look REAL FUNNY in those! ha ha LOL But they DO help, keeping those dang varmits off your face and out of your eyes and nose!
"No-see-ums rivaled the mosquito for the position of State Bird. They were all but invisible ferocious little bugs that would DEVOUR you like piranhas. Well, almost. My Daddy used to call them "flying jaws".
                            ........Dot Frank, Lowcountry Summer

Glad you stopped by for happy hour with me today! Icy Orange sodas sure taste great on these hot sweltering Summer evenings.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

dirt roads and ......Summer reading

I like the Pioneer Woman magazine and enjoyed these plate pages in a recent issue!
I collect these plates for my kitchen, so these were fun to see!
I've been collecting these plates for quite a few years, and we just NOW got them hung up in our  country  kitchen. I think I need to stop collecting plates. ha ha LOL

If you look closely, you might see your plate!
Some of my plates:

I have plenty of magazines to read this summer. Cant seem to catch up with them all, we stay so busy!

books I got for my birthday

(below) sometimes I find good books in this magazine on their book page

First magazine

one of the prettiest covers of Southern Lady ever!

Rest in peace, Phyllis Hoffman, who founded this lovely magazine back in 1999, I believe. She passed away in July.

another birthday book....in my "to read" stack

I've been busy finishing up the Belva Plain books in this saga. They've been really really good! Lots of fascinating history, WW1, WW2 and beyond. I'm following the family somewhere in the 1950s right now, in Harvest. I love Belva Plain's big long generational novels that go through many eras.

Evergreen 1978
The Golden Cup 1986
Tapestry 1988
Harvest 1989
Heartwood 2010
(above, the years published, not the years the story takes place)

If you enjoy reading----Do you like to read in the Summer? Do you prefer magazines or books?

I do love both....and definetly prefer "real" books and magazines that you can hold in your hand and enjoy, not the online things.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Happy Hour Blue

 This is our Happy Hour!

We like to walk about the gardens and look at the vegetables and I clip flowers for bouquets,  and we feed and water chickens and animals.

Fancy outfit!! ha ha LOL

We like to watch TV when we come in and are so thankful to feel the cool air as we open the door to come back in!
We watch old series from the 1980s mostly, some from the 1970s. We loved "in the Heat of the Night", it was so good, we hated it to end.

Before that, we watched all the seasons of "Seventh Heaven". Loved that one too.

We just finished up Season 15 of Heartland. 
And then we found that there is a new Season for Sweet Magnolias, so we are now watching the little town of Serenity and it's folks. (Season 3) It's a pretty good little show.

We like "Virgin River" too, but there are no new Seasons as yet.

What kind of summer t/v are y'all enjoying? Or do you watch less t/v in the summer?