"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, August 7, 2023

in the good 'ole Summertime

 "Those lazy hazy crazy days of summer...."

..Nat King Cole, 1963

anyone remember this old song?

"roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer,
Dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer
you'll wish that Summer could always be here.."

Summertime things I enjoy:

our sun-dappled meadows

Colorful, breezy summer dresses! Big shade hats! Summer sandals. Keeping your hair clipped UP because it's so hot and sweaty to have it anywhere on your neck! LOL

Summer pocketbooks!
I love these old vintage pocketbooks, I have three now. All the ladies in my family carried these back in the day!

Ive had this old straw pocketbook for so many years. I took it outside to make pictures with flowers.

and this one has a hummingbird on it

Delicate butterflies that come to visit!

Diane or Debbie, can you tell me what kind of butterfly this is, y'all know alot about butterflies.

watermelon is a big part of Summer, right? 
out here, you just buy them off the back of farmer's pick up trucks.
Do you like it? Do you eat it with salt sprinkled on it?
Our hen ladies LOVE IT on hot days!

Planting, Caring for, and watching things grow in your garden:

Summer flowers, bright and pretty

I love going into the garden and cutting blooms for bouquets. Big ones, tiny ones, they all bring me cheer.

Summer drinks
Do y'all have Sonic where you live? We don't, (we are many MANY miles from things like that, LOL) so when we do visit, it's a treat. I love their milkshakes with whipped cream on top. I made pictures of these summery looking drinks they have on their menu board. Lots of fun ones to choose from!

Which one would you choose?
the cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper one looks delicious!

I do enjoy lemonade. But those shakes with all the candy bits and stuff added in......THAT IS just too much "sweet" for me! LOL

Summer reading
"It was one of those things she had found Northerners took to best ---sweet tea. If you ordered it in a restaurant up North, people looked at you like you were crazy, but once you got a taste for it, it was like a cocaine addiction...." LOL
................Cathy Holton---Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes

Cooking food you grew:
big fluffy  marigolds
the very first four o'clock bloom!
it was yellow, and it was delicate
my bird I got at Wormsloe in Savannah

Flashy red cardinals make their home here
fresh eggs
and buckets full of ice and yummy drinks!

Glad you stopped in to visit my porch!
What are some of YOUR favorite Summertime things??


  1. Oh my! this post has my mouth watering for all of the above!! I sure enjoyed this summery post from your own front porch! As for the Sonic drinks, I used to love to get a cherry lemonade. It was so refreshing. but I don't do sweet drinks anymore. Just plain old unsweet iced tea with lemon is fine with me! I do love fresh watermelon...and sometimes I do add salt...it depends on how tasty it is. those fresh eggs sure do look yummy in the frying pan! Nothing like fresh chicken eggs fresh from the chicken! LOL. Love your flowers and vegies and those fried green maters! I sure enjoyed everything...and seeing you in our perty summer dress...and I do remember those summer purses and bags. I used to have one...but not anymore. I tend to stick with one bag until it wears out and then I get another one. LOL. I am too lazy to keep changing purses back and forth. Well, I sure enjoyed this. You make summertime fun!! Thank you. If it wasn't so hot outside I might go out and enjoy it more myself! It has just been too hot and muggy to do anything lately but stay inside where it's cool. I am a fall girl...can't wait for autumn to get here! Have a blessed rest of summer. Keep these happy posts coming!

  2. Oh I just love most of it, haahaa! I do not like the sun oppressing your every move when outside, but I do love the feel of the air and the summer sounds -- especially cicadas with their loud singing in the morning, throughout the day at various times, and especially at dusk! I love swimming in the pool with my loves, and how long the days are! Those purses really brought back memories for me of the late sixties! When girls wore straight skirts and blouses with Peter Pan collars to school, and carried a wicker rattan purse with a toggle clasp just like yours! xoxo

  3. Hi Debbi, My daughter Liz and her family were in your city today. I wish I could have had a way to connect you both. :) Liz said they were going to beach. I asked if they were eating there, they should go to Hyman's. She said that her son in law wanted to. I told her to please go and eat the fried green tomatoes. LOL she sent pics to me and I sent them to the daughter who took me on vacation to Charleston one year. So fun. I love your city. Blessings,xoxo, Susie

  4. What a lovely visit on your porch this evening. I am hanging a sign that says 'Welcome to our Porch ' and I immediately thought of you!
    I love your summer dress! And your pocketbooks!
    So WHERE are you now??? I know it's in the country....
    YES to salted watermelon slices! We feed the rinds to the chickens, peacocks, and goats at the ranch.
    I am loving your life in the country!!!!

  5. What a Rompin' Stompin' album of Summer on a page!! Melons and 'maters and flowers, Oh, My!! I can just smell the Coty compact and LoveThatRed Revlon lipstick down in that purse, with maybe a bottle of Love's Baby Soft or Avon Honesty. Up with the hair! Down with the floaty caftan hems! You just do beat all for gathering a season all in one place.

    We may still have a Sonic---last Christmas brought Leah and me a lovely gift from all her siblings: A little Opal ice-maker---all steel and shine and clear window to our own SONIC ICE!! Those little round nuggets like chopped-up cigarettes all crushy to your teeth and so good to eat all Summer---a glug of CranMango or Amaretto just splashed on top makes a killer SnoCone. Opal sits right up there in the upstairs sitting/dining room, atop a tiny curlicued nightstand from a youth-suite bedroom set, garnished before we bought her with a coat of pale teal brushed in gold---fancyyy, and a fitting throne for such an august personage right here in our house.

    I loved all your scenes and food and clothes and stuff that makes Summer---especially the little bird---that optical background confused me for a moment---he looked as if he was talking really loud and had his mouth open over a fat little chin. Blushing at my error---sometimes I dream in Beatrix Potter or Susan Wheeler, or even cartoons.

    These past few weeks have been a rushing collage of medical and hospital and so much sheer terror and hope that I'll always associate huddling beneath a crisp-ironed sheet in an icy cold night dusk with the anguish of waiting and muttered prayer as I run the entire hem around in my hands, time after time, like some long-ago Pentecostal neighbors whose everyday reverence made me think they must be closer to God than anyone I knew. She's much better, and is almost to the mend. We've still been keeping up our lively conversations and laughing a lot every day.

    Headed out on some errands (all pink wardrobe for me, of course) as soon as the eleven o'clock siren sounds, and I have my own weekly back-porch prayer for all the strong, dedicated young folks who take care of us and come to our aid time after time. "God bless all near it, all who hear it; all who heed it, and all who need it."

    Happy winding-down of Summer to you---and you certainly CAN wear white sandals after Labor Day!!

  6. I just realized that this line with my little prayer leads straight over to the THANK YOU to all our folks who live their lives to look after us. Neat.

  7. i remember those pocketbooks, your right, everyone had one!!

    your butterfly is a red spotted purple butterfly. even though it does not have purple, i think it is blue, that's it's name. your gray bird is a mockingbird.

    those eggs look so yummy...i got some at a local farm and they have been delicious!! and i really adore your white vase, it is perfect for wildflowers, i have a lot too, enough to bring in a bunch each day!!