"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

April days

In February, before the masks and the virus and the social distancing we ate a late night picnic supper on the Battery and looked at the moon and the pretty lights on the water.

Afterwards we went to the grocery and I was making jokes about stocking up on bleach wipes and paper towels. As you can see, there were plenty to go around. Things sure did change quickly.

April brought our little fairy granddaughter's birthday. Here's a few of her presents:
sequin sparkle skirt

this is a shiny silver skirt. It has a matching t shirt with a silver unicorn on it

this little dress has the SOFTEST mint green chiffon skirt!

a unicorn summer dress
Books! Lots of books! (always! LOL)

another pretty dress

a pretty little doll
and a fairy door. She has been asking for a fairy door--she likes to look at mine. (I have them indoors and outdoors, fun to look at)
a nice big unicorn book

The book has flaps that you open up to see pretty pictures underneath them.

We watched her open her presents via facetime.
I asked her later what her favorite present was we had given her....and it was this unicorn book.
These little fairy paperbacks are so cute. They are short easy reads.
The illustrations inside.........the village. So cute!

a Fancy Nancy book--always fun!
And stories about alligators, ballerinas, and fairy princesses.

The Fairy Princess one is by Julie Andrews.

Also in April......
Store shelves looked like this most of the time, if you were looking for bleach wipes, toilet paper, paper towels,  diapers, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, laundry soap, disinfectants, bleach, gloves, etc.

also hard to find, things like spaghetti sauce, flour, canned goods such as soups, pork and beans, and canned meats. (even SPAM! ha ha LOL) Now I grew up eating Spam...and I like it just fine...but many can't STAND IT. LOL We ate it fried up in a big black iron skillet, and on the good old soft white Wonder bread, with mustard. (yep, the bread that isn't so healthy, ha ha, LOL)

City parks and beaches continue to be closed.

Lots of people on bikes, both kinds.

Skateboarding seems to be the popular thing right now.

Those not on skateboards..........are on skates!
Restaurants are closed and people get take-out and have street picnics.

"cheeseburger, no onions, please"

Dogs now know that "food comes out of windows"!! ha ha LOL

.......and they still love to run and jump and chase balls , happy and carefree.