"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, May 27, 2024

Pink snow


Happy Memorial day to all

Memorial day wishes from Tansy! LOL

Enjoying the big bright Flower Moon this past week. So full, so bright. 

Not such great pictures, but this is what I got.

My little old fashioned Porch People are dancing underneath the full moon at their Moonlight Ball! They are celebrating summer's arrival. LOL

Here is how my collection came to be: (click below)

I do have alot of fun with them, LOL.

We have pink snow in South Carolina! ha ha LOL

This is the only crepe myrtle on the property, so I was eagerly awaiting it's summer blooms and it did not disappoint!

and then a late Fall thundershower came and washed everything fresh and wet and clean

Yes, Crepe Myrtles are VERY MESSY. 
.......and now, all of the pretty pink blossoms have been washed away, and Winter has come and gone.
 But I sure did enjoy them and photograph them while they were here!
Now, spring has arrived, Summer is nearly here..... and our crepe myrtle FINALLY got buds and leafed out, yay! It was later than alot of other trees for sure.
I don't expect the pretty pink blooms till late June or so I think they bloom? It bloomed in late June last summer.
 This is the tree now:

I'll be waiting for the pretty pink flowers again when Summer is here!

Today is Memorial Day.....I got out my summer pocketbooks! Working on my white skirts (two), white slacks, and white capri pants.  I have one pair of white summer sandals. And I think, one white pocketbook.

Yes, I still adhere to the hopelessly old fashioned and  to many, out-dated Southern customs of no white till after Memorial Day and never after Labor Day, ha ha LOL. 
With exceptions, of course. ("if you're a Bride, or playing tennis") was how it went in the "Old days". ha ha LOL.
 I still love and enjoy so many of our old Southern customs.

Our butterfly bush is in full bloom:
And here are the first four o'clock blossoms:
I dont remember varigated blooms before, but this year we have them, quite a pretty mix
the very first one, she was a delicate yellow:

Hoping everyone has a lovely Holiday today. 

And remembering, as always, "Freedom Isn't Free".

"God bless America, Land that I Love...."

Sunday, May 19, 2024

it was Mothers Day

 Well, I DO LOVE MAY. It's my favorite. Mothers Day, my birthday and our anniversary. It makes for a fun and exciting month!

Love our May calendar! His paintings are so bright and beautiful and really capture country life.
John Sloane calendar

Got my old vintage pocketbook ready. It was a lovely Mothers Day. The birds were up and singing as we went to Mothers Day church services.

And the very first sunflower was a blooming beauty!

As were the lilies, blooming so pretty, many more blooms than last year.

Here, we still adhere to the old Mothers Day tradition to honor our Mothers--- red for Mother Living, white for Mother passed on. A lovely old tradition I am proud and happy to keep up! Sadly, so many have dropped this sweet tradition.

Fairy Granddaughter enjoying the country air. Can you believe this was not posed?---this is just the way this child runs and bolts and frolicks and spins and twirls out here. Just like a fairy, LOL!
 I think she loves all the room, they live in the city! LOL

Our "baby chickens" were up bright and early! They are getting so big!

Pretty purple mums surprised me with blooms. We planted these here after they were done blooming last Fall.

Mr. Front Porch grilled steak, shrimp, and I made a big bowl of tater salad. It was all yummy

And coconut cake for dessert. It was not homemade, but it sure was good! LOL
Fairy Granddaughter made me a handmade beautiful card, and I got pretty flowers from Mr. Front Porch and Fairy Granddaughter and her mommy got me a peacock planter/vase.

I just love all the variations on the beads

I also got this pretty Murano glass necklace. I'd wanted for about a year now, I had given our daughter one for her birthday last year, saw how pretty it was, then I wanted one as well! LOL. Love the colorful glass beads made in Italy.

Afterwards, we went over to see the pretty water lilies. (lily pads?) I am always fascinated how they grow like this!

It was a truly good Mothers Day. I hope everyone had a great weekend this weekend as well. Its been alot of nice small spring thundershowers blowing through here the past few days. Good for the gardens!