"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Blue sky, Old church

I walked by to take pictures of Grace Episcopal church on Wentworth Street recently. It was a good day for it as they sky was a brilliant shade of blue that day and I love that behind church steeples when I photograph them!


The workmanship on this old church is so incredible.

The gothic revival style church was built in 1846. It had alot of damage from the Civil War, but was repaired.

The the big earthquake (1886) damaged it almost beyond repair and they almost tore it all down. They finally rebuilt it.
all the shapes and angles......

So many nooks and crannies........

The church has a good congregation today and there are also alot of weddings there.
I'm so glad this gorgeous church has survived, it's so beautiful!

Real glad you stopped in to see me and hope your week has started out great! Its been sunny here, alternating with short afternoon rainshowers. And some breezy days, which feel so good!

Our first sunflower of the summer:


  1. Buildings today just does not hold up to the older buildings. Older ones are just so much cooler.

  2. it is a beautiful church debbi, and you are right, it was the perfect day to take pictures. i am not sure i have ever seen a bluer sky!! we visited a temple on monday, i hope to share the pictures tomorrow, it took my breath away!! we had beautiful weather and pretty blue skies. your images are really lovely and represent the church well!!

  3. oooooh and what a pretty sunflower!!

  4. Our sunflowers are blooming, too!!!

  5. They don't make buildings like that anymore do they? I love the sunflower!