"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, September 18, 2021

august walk


Walking in late August

Our August walk found us at the church

sunbeams dance on gravestones

I usually don't go for the precise and highly manicured gardens....but this one is always pretty!

Crepe myrtles showing off their summer blooms:
one of my favorite rusty old gates:

Yes, My dolls Tracie and Amybelle were happy to get in on the pictures! LOL

pretty balloons!

today's "arm candy" LOL

Here comes a big happy bachelorette party:

........and looking UP-----all kinds of amazing architecture way up high!

Happy Weekend, Y'all!

Friday, September 17, 2021

labor day strolling

 a lovely Labor Day........

Hello September!!

a nice day for a walk.......so we went too! Besides--I wanted to take pictures of flowers in my summer pocketbook for my blog.

last day of the year to wear white pants, y'all! LOL....I break the rules on the white pants....I like white pants with warm winter sweaters quite a bit. I WON'T wear a white dress or white skirt or dressy white shoes after Labor Day though.....yep---all those  completely out of date hopelessly old fashioned "rules" that I was taught all my life from my completely Southern Mother and Ma-Maw and aunts.... ha ha LOL

hot pink friendly blooms reaching right out from the fence

Our banana trees grew huge this year too (almost 15 feet tall) and we harvested about 30 of them the other day! They are called "gold finger" ones and are very tiny. You pick a big bunch, let them ripen/turn yellow, then eat them. 

today's "arm candy" LOL--a big plastic chain bracelet, fun!

These folks are FUN!!---they have a disco ball glittering in their yard! they also have a little fountain that has a tiny waterfall that gurgles and splashes down into a little pond. It's so relaxing. We have a fountain, but no waterfall. Maybe someday.


pretty skies.......and pretty flowers

love these big old gateposts!

forgotten old flower pots

all that beautiful ornate old craftmanship.......a lost art....

a pretty front porch and yard!

I spotted a hawk up there, but I couldn't get a good picture

I got a new strap for my camera!! I just love it, and my old one was so old and bedraggled from all the years of hard use.

Happy weekend, y'all!! Hope it's a great one for you!