"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Disco Decor

I love this pretty little front yard. I made these pictures back in December, I loved the sparkly ornaments that looked like "disco balls". 

The sparkle of the disco balls and the red blooms made a very festive scene!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Onstage with Fleetwood Mac

Friday night we attended the SOLD OUT  Fleetwood Mac concert in Columbia, South Carolina.

Close up of the boots! LOL!

Christine's fancy boots

showing off my new t-Shirt!

a few of my old original albums--I have carried these around for SO MANY YEARS!

I have loved Fleetwood Mac since the 1970s, and been to numerous of their concerts. This one was my favorite. I was so glad to get to see them once again.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Blue tea pot

This week's thrift store goodies:

Took my little teapot out to make pictures....
 Closer up pictures so you can see the beautiful blue swirls and patterns....

Horses walk the streets of Charleston daily....here's one up on the wall! LOL

Oh, come back!---don't be shy! We are friendly!
found my sweet horsie at the thrift store this week! I just love her pretty colors--she is one of my favorites!

Lots of people out enjoying a spring day!

I just love to watch people!

this is the perfect size for a FRONT YARD in the city!--yep--that's all there is to it! No grass to mow! LOL I love little "yards" like this...

love this pretty gate!

Oh yes!--"little pink houses for you and for me!!" (john mellencamp)

if you look closely, you can see their sweet bunny on the porch! Wearing a bow of....PINK OF COURSE! lol

I just love camellias!

Look at all those berries!!--still going strong!

Window boxes have burst into bloom:

Mommy loved the cyclamens!

 I ran into Ulta to buy me some make up I was out of.....when I came out Mr. Front Porch pointed out this:

if you're looking for a new "sweet treat" to try.....I highly recommend THIS!! OH SO  GOOD!
It's time for the weekend--I hope everyone has a great one! Any fun plans?