"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, February 2, 2024

it was a happy Christmas

 It was a happy Christmas and January:

this is one of the reindeer I added to my collection this year

and I think I already showed y'all the gold sparkly one:

I love the old Christmas carols and hymns we sing at church during the Christmas season:

On Christmas morning the bright birds were fluttering about

I think these are very young females:
the Camellias in bloom for Christmas, bright red:

Christmas with our Fairy Granddaughter:

It was gently raining and I love to make pictures of the raindrops glistening on branches!
We have umbrellas and boots, so we were ready to go!

We took a good long walk in the rain before we opened presents

I try to re-read this little book each Christmas, the story of Mary and Joseph:

January has been slow....yet it FLEW BY! I've tried to get to some of my book stacks.
Winter is great for reading.
right now I'm finishing up this book:

She's a great writer and I have a whole stack of her books I've not yet got to

I finished up these two old Helen Van Slyke novels:
The story goes through all these years, and all these cities. I especially loved the 1930s and 1940s. The Mixed Blessing is the sequel to the first one.

And I love our daily walk-abouts out in the fresh country air. Cold, hot,  rainy, mild, warm.....we try to go.

One of my favorite Christmas presents, this pitcher and bowl set. I love the color and I love the pattern.

this was a chilly day!
This day was warmer, one of those nice 71 degree days! And the moon looked pretty.

I love watching the birds every day. We have a lovely flock of Cardinals that swoop in at the same time each day. I love to watch them flutter about, swoop, eat, and splash in the birdbaths. They took right to my new seahorse birdbath, I loved seeing that!

On cold, quiet winter evenings, we've been watching the Waltons. We are now in Season 5 I think. They sure don't make good family tv like this anymore.

The series was based on Earl Hamner's book, which I had only recently got around to reading!
Not very good pictures, but we do have cyclamens and pansies in full bloom:

and the animals keep us very busy!
Here are the ladies digging into a feast! Oh, how they all love spaghetti! LOL
The big Wolf Moon was bright and gorgeous!
and I enjoyed lots of these!:

We always have house projects going and we are also planning our spring and summer planting.

And some days, I take my dolls Tracie and Amybelle outside to play and make pictures!
It was a good January, and I hope yours was as well. 
Are you reading any good books or found any good shows to watch?
What do you like to do in the Winter?


  1. What a way to blow my mind, I thought we were back in Dec. with Christmas all over again!! lol....I love red birds but like my mom, I love Eastern Bluebirds so much. You would think that being so close to woods, I would see birds but I don't. I did put out some feeders and they are starting to come around now. I don't see deer out here either, but I think that is due to the fact that they have so much room to roam and run and have not been forced into living around people due to growth.

  2. It's fun to catch up with you and your pretty dolls. We don't have much winter here but on cool windy days, I like to bake and get things done inside. I just read someone said seeing a Cardinal is a blessing. I always think that now. Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Oh dear, December and January! They were a mix of trials and triumphs. Onward and upward! xoxo

  4. your bird pictures are incredible, did you get a new camera?? i'm glad they are visiting you as i know you appreciate seeing them!! i enjoy walking in the rain and do not do it enough!! i knit year round but knit more in the winter. i have also been organizing clothes and closets...i seem to do this every winter and yet it always seem to need tidying up!! nice to see your smiling face, you look really good in the white hat!!

  5. For some reason I am not receiving notification when you post a new blog. I need to go back and check and see why. I have missed all these posts!! ANd I LOVE them!! Such beautiful pictures of your life around your farm/home! And pictures of your Christmas gifts...I LOVE that blue pitcher and bowl! Oh that is beautiful! Wonderful post. I am SO sorry I haven't seen it before this. I'm not sure why. Love you.