"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Wintertime Mills House visit

I'd like to show y'all how pretty the Mills House in Charleston, is inside. I love walking around in there and our little fairy granddaughter loves to walk around and see the "pretty shiny floors.! LOL
 A couple of months ago, The hotel was  decorated all pretty for Christmas. Everything looks so bright and festive.......and hopeful, doesn't it? 
With Valentines now past, I figure I should go ahead and get this posted, since Spring is now on the way! LOL
I do like looking back at holiday decor though....


Oh what a gorgeous chandelier!!
Not sure which one, but one of the chandeliers in the pretty lobby came from Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville, Tennessee
Now you can see why granddaughter always talks about "the SHINY FLOORS" lol

I love this old telephone, and granddaughter is pretty fascinated with it. Isn't it neat?

Christmas tree reflecting in the floor

all kinds of beautiful little nooks in the big lobby

I love peacocks!! So I loved this big white one!! Had to make his picture!

Enjoying supper!

Pretty things in the hallways

I love this purple wall!! (before our kids grew up)--When we lived in the victorian house, our front parlour was this exact color. 

I love the fireplace and I love the mirror too....so I had Mr. Front Porch make my picture here

Poinsettias, pine cones, and gold ribbon
I love their courtyard too....and the splashing fountain!
They had heaters out here, but they were not needed this night....it was pretty warm. I don't think we even wore coats that night.

This little old pocketbook is so old! Years ago I glued snowmen, beads, and rhinestones on it.
the old windowsill ( hotel was built 1853, badly damaged, mostly demolished,. then reconstructed in the 1960s I believe. They were able to save and use most of the original fancy ironwork) seemed like a good place for this picture of my little old pocketbook! LOL
Here's what the hotel looked originally:
National Archives
It was originally five stories and it is now seven stories, with about 200 rooms I think.
Hope you enjoyed walking around in the hotel with us today! I always love their Christmas decorations, so pretty!


  1. That was so beautiful! I love all the chandeliers and beautiful decorations...and the colors! And yes! The shiny Floors! And seeing you there enjoying it all is the best! Love your cute little snowman purse! You look lovely beside the fireplace and the purple wall! This was an interesting and delightful post! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

  2. I love the tour and SEEING you beside that beautiful purple wall! All my Christmas trees are still up at home! I have never been this late in taking them down before!

  3. what a beautiful place. it reminds me of the gaylord resort in md., there is also one in tennessee, they have shiny floor just like this does!! pretty pictures of you and i too adore that purple wall!!

  4. i forgot to tell you that i searched my blog and i do not have any posts on the titanic museums. i must have gone before i had my blog or i am sure i would have written about them. i remember 2 things...seeing pieces of the china and seeing an iceberg. what the iceberg would look like above the water and how massive it would be below the water. you were also able to touch a piece of ice that would demonstrate how cold it would be!!

  5. WOW....at the shiny floors and I love bling on the lights. I love BLING anyway. I am hoping to get to a point with stuff I have going on to start viewing some cool places around here in my new environment!

  6. Loving the tour of another splendid piece of your atmosphere! The colors and lights, and just the shine of the marble bespeak the grandeur of many years, many colorful and happy occasions spent. I love to ride the elevators---there's one here which has walls all the way up many stories---the artists are fabulous, and you start underground, with fossils and earthworms and roots of trees, then go up and out through a lawn, up up up as you rise, above, then into an airplane view, and on into the stratosphere, becoming a mere dot in outer space.

    I LOVE your adventures, and your always-put-together look of a smart, kind fashionable lady who KNOWS WHO SHE IS. And I like her very much. Moire non after this pantry Monday. Stay warm and well, faraway friend.