"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, August 30, 2015

My favorite Charleston window boxes

I could spend a whole day just wandering around the city photographing all the unique window boxes. We have them year round here, but summer shows off the biggest and the most lush of them, full of big bright blooms and sweeping vines.

These must be my favorite.....not only for the pretty flowers........
But just look at the SIZE OF THOSE THINGS!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hot Day on Spring

Another scorching hot Charleston day and our wanderings took us to Spring Street
Now that's one way to fix a broken window!
pretty old woodwork....hard, heavy, built to last. Somewhere along the line, homebuilders stopped with this lost art
I'm not sure if this is somebody's little cottage house, or a small business
This little house looks like its leaning. I bet it also at one time had a side porch
love the peach color on this house
and this pretty blue one......love that bay window!

always something interesting to see:
this house needs some tender loving care. LOL

pretty pink house porch. Can you hear the wind chime?

the door is open......should we visit?

my favorite shot today....because of the textures, the colors, and all those angles!

neat little round window in this house
I can't figure this one out....looks to be a victorian era house with a built on addition or a brick in where the porch was maybe? And it looks like a business downstairs now. Interesting

Love that purple door! and the pretty garden! And I see pretty stained glass on that bay window.
love this old doorway. Was it once a barber shop? Lots of texture, lots of patina, lots of history in these old houses and buildings....
beautiful ornate woodworking 

another breezy upstairs porch! Their ferns seem happy up there.
love this old, old window! 

love the double decker porches and those fans!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Big White Trumpets!

I have no idea what these flowers are! Anyone know? They look like some type of trumpet flowers but I could be wrong. 
They look a bit like Easter lilies dont they? Upside down Easter lilies. But it's not Easter and these photos were made  a couple of weeks ago here at Canon Park downtown.

This is one of our favorite picnic spots and grand-child running spots.....I never tire of photographing the huge old columns. These are some of my favorite pictures, which surprised me as the weather was cloudy and vague that day. Surprisingly I did love the columns against the moody sky better than against bright sunny backgrounds!