"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Here she comes....2020!

Time's a ticking......
here comes the new year!!

Have a fun and happy evening and be safe!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Festive December walk

Hello friends--We're out for a leisurely winter stroll and hoping you'll join us as we look for holiday pretties and make pictures of them! Hope you brought your camera!
(below) this doorway was so pretty I knew I wanted to make pictures here!
I got a new black shawl with big red and pink roses on it and wore it the first time tonight.

Looking at the outfits in the shop windows....
That's pretty...love the animal print with the brown faux fur and the necklaces
Here's some hot pink, and gold and white jewelry:
(below) my favorite one....love the black and the blue shades and the purple necklace
ooooo--what's that!?
A denim blouse covered with sparkly things that look like pins.....not really pins, but made to look like that!

a pretty scarf/shawl..........you know how I love my shawls!! LOL

BEADS tonight---my Mom's pearls,--mixed with pearls that little Fairy Granddaughter gave me for Christmas several years back, and  my sparkly red and green and pearl Christmas tree pin.

If we walk a little I can show you the old Art Deco Riviera theater:

I think it opened in the 1930s!--so it's seen alot of history.

I love this tree up on this piazza!

Pretty scenes in this window:

I love December walks and seeing all the pretty store displays, Christmas trees in homes, on balconies and porches, and all the bright lights sparkling in the winter air.
I will be by later to visit with y'all and see how your holidays are going!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Wreaths and Parades!

the seashells caught my eye.....so pretty!
(below, a look at last year's winner)
.......and the 2017 winner:

our 2015 winner:
....and a 2014 winner:
(stopping with the wreath photos now because we have a parade to attend! LOL)
This is our 2019 Charleston Christmas parade:
Yay! It's parade day! Let's go!

this little lady in her red Christmas dress found a prime spot up on the porch to watch the parade go by. Isn't she precious?

This beautiful golden dog enjoyed the festivities!

Love to see the Girl Scouts in the parade.......scouting is wonderful, I was a Girl Scout all the way to Cadets and Seniors. Wonderful memories!

This is probably this little baby's very first parade!

this little girl is working on filling her bag with the candy!

Lots of children up on shoulders!!

I spotted these pretty flowers at
the grocery store this week, aren't they pretty?

We've been busy wrapping!

Remember the old fashioned hard candy with the yummy filling?

Do you have local parades where you live and do you go?