"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, December 19, 2019

deck the halls

Quite a few little unicorns have come to rest beneath our Christmas tree this year. 
Our manger scene:
yes, the animals have heard the news and they have arrived too!

and many many angels! Big ones, small ones, angels of all sizes and colors.

one of our oldest ones. I've had her forever

These blinking Snowmen are from the 1980s maybe? Pretty sure they are Avon. They blink and change colors.There is a "Mr. Snowman" and a "Mrs. Snowlady". Had them forever, love them, and they still work! My Mom gave us these about 28 years ago
Let's go visit the "Blue Waters" village!

Carolers are singing out in front of the church!

and there are ice skaters on the icy pond!

goodness gracious, this little couple are nearly waist deep in SNOW!! lol

Someone has built a snowman

People are stopping to view the manger scene:

Here we visit Church Street:
more carolers over at this church too!

I love this clear globe with the church inside!--it lights up too! And there are little white trees in it too.

the pretty white church with the stained glass windows was given to us at my Mother's funeral. I just love it
(below)My Mom gave me this clock so many years ago, probably 30 years ago! These might have been Avon as well...not sure? It's really really HEAVY and it chimes on the half hour and plays a little song every hour. Well it used to...it's having "technical difficulties" this year. LOL! My Mom bought three of these, one for her and my Dad, one for my Ma-Maw, and one for us. When My Ma-Maw passed on, I got hers, so I actually now have TWO! ha ha LOL I think my working one is in a china closet somewhere....

These old beaded ornaments belonged to Mr. Front Porch's maternal Grandma. I have no idea how old they are. 

Sparkly candleholders. 

my little tree forest stands in a silver tray. Yes, they are strange colors...ha ha LOL. I even have an orange one! We just used spray paint.

this vintage carousel belonged to Mr. Front Porch's paternal Grandma. It plays Christmas carols LOUD, tiny lights blink, and the little merry go round ponies go up and down and up and down.

Hung out a Christmasy dish towel too

Of course.........all this decorating can make a person HUNGRY! lol These little cakes are good, and they come out of the package already sliced up like little petit fours.

(Below)--a common sight this week!

It's almost Thursday! Christmas is getting closer and closer!


  1. May you and Mr. Front Porch have a lovely Christmas. You have some wonderful decorations. I especially like the two older beaded ones.

    Have a sweet Christmas and a great 2020 ~ FlowerLady

  2. Loved seeing the old decorations, they are so much better than the new stuff and especially loved the old doll, her dress is beautiful.

  3. Oh Debbie, you have some gorgeous decorations. Don't you love the things with the memories attached? Your angel is so beautiful -- and I really love your creche. and the snow globes. Oh, my the Peace ornament is a stunner. Merriest to you. And thanks for sharing the beauty and joy!