"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, December 20, 2019


Charleston Place is a neat place we like to come browse and walk about in any season. It's a great place to duck into on a sweltering hot July day when you're out walking.....and need a cool break! But it's never more pretty or festive than during the Christmas season when they go all out with the decorations.

The big swooping staircase is so pretty!

One of my favorite chandeliers! It's HUGE

We love to bring little granddaughter to see the holiday train display here:
Love seeing all those tiny little people!

Here comes the train now!
They add new things every year
Over on this side, we have people skiing, and the little cable cars actually go up and down....fun!

Lots of pretty flowers, decorations, and Christmas trees to see, as well as lots of live music from the piano bar in the lobby.
 When the pianist saw us watching her from the door with a little girl...she stopped mid-song and started playing the Charlie Brown Christmas songs for her....I thought that was so nice and I appreciated it so much! So Fairy Granddaughter and I did a little dance right then and there, to the old songs, ha ha LOL. Moments like that I will always remember and maybe, just maybe....she will too!
The floors here are SO SHINY!
See that shoe-shine chair over on the left?--she always loves to go jump up on that!

Let's peek into a few shops:

books and pretty scarves and lots of fun things!

I love these holiday cards that "pop-out".....fun to see!

Always a fun holiday tradition for us!


  1. That looks like the 'funnest' place ever! Merry Christmas

  2. How wonderful to have those sweet traditions! Your 'little' is so precious dancing along. Merry Christmas to you, Debbi- xo Diana

  3. we must always keep those holiday traditions alive, it is nice that you have a little to enjoy them with!!

    beautiful pictures...i too love those pop up cards, i bought a few for my great nieces!!